Reebok ZigTech, A Unique Gift for the BF

When I see rubbershoes, I think of a lot of hardwork and well, a lot of effort. Wearing rubbershoes usually mean that you have to exert a bit more of yourself when training, doing your workout and other physical activities (ehem! ehem! not that physical activity, naughty you!).

Being the good (at least trying to be) girlfriend to my significant other, I think of rubbershoes as one good gift to give him. But with so many rubbershoes out there, what should I give the BF that'll give him same expression as I do when ever he gives me my gifts?

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Thankfully though, the people of Reebok has come up with a new rubbershoes that simply stands out from the rest that just by looking at it, you know that you have something different in her hands.. err. I mean, feet. His feet. Not ours, of course!

Reebok introduces ZigTech.

The ultimate training shoes that reduces wear and tear of key leg muscles up to 20% allowing athletes to work harder for longer.

ZigTech was designed with the training people in mind. We all want to do more but our body just can't take it, how do we solve that? Not by conventional rubbershoes for sure.

ZigTech aims to monopolize the amount of time that a trainer can do nd maybe even go further with this lightweight, flexible and fusses energy with the ultimate cushioning. I can't tell you how light these pairs are. As in, whoah... am I really holding something? Compared to the BF's other rubbershoes (that I always have to put up the shelve coz he's too "busy" to do it), the ZigTech is ultra light.

A rubbershoes that acts like an energy drink? Really, now? Apparently, it returns energy back to be re-used again. Talk about sustainability on a different level. I wonder if they taste the same. LOL.

The fun thing is, slinky is another way to explain what ZigTech can do? Remember that toy that we play with on stairs? We spring it down and down it goes?

Well, ZigTech performs the same way. In a more technical jargon, Zigtech passes energy through the zig-zag to the next to to create a wave of energy propelling you forward with every step, making training more effecient.

I'm sure I lost you somewhere there.

All I'm saying is that this is really the IT buy for your guy.
Hey! That rhymes!

It may even propel the BF to start training again. *cough*my BF*cough.

Enough blabber, here are more photos of the ZigTech rubbershoes and Reebok flagship store in Trinoma.

This is what I'm planning to get the BF. He loves black rubber shoes. I really don't get it.

My shoes!! I use EasyTone since I'm lazy! Walking is exercise for me already. LOL!

I got this shirt and its wack! I love it!

Should I get this shirt for the BF, too?

ZigTech retails for cheapo Php4,995.00 at all Reebok stores and Sporting Goods Store.

Look! They will soon have it for girls, too!
Now, how the hell am I gotta get R the ZigTech if I want this pair myself..
Hmm... Credit Card, do your job! Swipe! Swipe! Swipe!

Til next gift idea!!

much love,

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  1. sisterhood good choice the black and yellow! Hubby loves black rubber shoes din and we don't have to understand them na! hahahah I'm sure the BF will be very happy! :)


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