Indulge me: Kris and James


Consider this as curiousty because I have such weird point of view sometimes.

But do you think that Kris should not go through the course of annulment for the sake of the reputation of her brother, our current president-elect?

Share your thought in here! :)

much love,

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  1. First of all, I hate how she always airs her dirty laundry. She now has a bigger responsibility since her brother has just won the presidency. Her tactlessness will just bring more shame to the Aquino name.

    She should have just kept all this under wraps and not use the media to gain favor to her side. If she has problems, keep it to herself and handle it privately. These are things the public should not be privy to.

    If she has any respect left for her brother or her parent's legacy. She should just keep the media away from her affairs.

    Always hated her, and these past few weeks have made me hate her even more.

  2. i second the motion haha.always, always hated her!!!

  3. I don't really care what she does as long as she keeps it private. there are places to talk about her failing marriage, in front of a therapist perhaps and not the media.

  4. For me naman, sayang the marriage! I've met James because he was our endorser and I got to know him {albeit hindi naman kami close} but I can tell he loves Kris and Baby James so much. Aren't marriages always worth the try?

    Just my two cents :)

  5. Kris should give her marriage another try especially if her husband is asking for another chance. Plus, she will be doing her son a favor by having a father figure to look up to as he grows up.

    Most couples are still in their adjustment period even after several years of being married.

  6. Filing an annulment will always be a personal choice regardless of the status of his brother since her personal life has nothing to do with the work of Noynoy. Though the reputation of pNoy may be affected, he will still be judged depending on his performance as a President. It's not his fault and he is obviously out from the relationship issues of Kris and James.

    I watched Kris' last interview in The Buzz and I salute her for keeping the reason behind their separation and for protecting baby James. I find her much mature now for doing such decision because as we all know, she has been very vocal of her feelings and thoughts which i sometimes think is selfish. However, this time she is very selfless and loving for thinking first of the welfare of her kids.

    Love her, hate her... I don't care! I'm still a quite admirer and fan of Kris! ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. I never like her!!! I change the channel when shes on. I can't stand her voice. I guess something extremely bad happened with her and james but she could have waited or alteast hide it in public for his brother's sake!

    by the way, this is an awkward pic of them lol.

  8. She should not go through the annulment not because of anyone's reputation but because of their marriage itself.

    As a devout believer of the Bible, she should be reminded that it is never wise to break up a marriage.

    She should work out her marriage with James. One of the ways is to not speak too much about it, especially on media. :)

  9. Everyone deserves a second chance, Kris was given a second, third, fourth etc chance at love so I think she can give James another one.

    If Kris however has thoroughly thought of separating with hubby then by all means go.

    Every person who is trapped in an unhappy and messy marriage deserves annulment...nah! divorce! Divorce in the Philippines!


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