I am Not a Bride Spa-rty at Organic Rituals

When I was younger, much younger than I am now, I thought I wasn't the marrying kind. When I someone said to me pointe blank that I was afraid of commitment, maybe I still am. Not that I wouldn't want to get married to R, though. God knows he's the guy for me. But if not being a bride allows me to have so much fun like one friend I know, then I guess there is something for me out there.

Organic Rituals launched their Sparty Packages with a bang. With fabulous healthy food from the Sexy Chef, Theme designs by Them a la Carte and take home gifts from IHealth, everything was really really fabulous. Nadine's "I Am Not A Bride Spa-rty" is reminiscent of Samantha Jone's "I am Not Having a Baby Cocktail Party." With lots of fabulous people dressed in comfy-chic attire ready to be pampered with Organic Ritual's notable services.

Nadine (in red dress) with her friends
Look how fabulous she is. That's what stress-less, healthy and active lifestyle do to you.
If only I'm that disciplined.

Jaimie with Fannie (famous for her biz, Herb's Best)

(Jaimie waiting for her back massage and mani/ped)
I'm loving Jaimie's locks!

Theme by Theme a la Carte

I wasn't able to take a pic of the food, I got their quite late and the food was nearly gone.
That's how good it was!

At the end of the party, everybody had great looking nails and muscles relaxed from the massages. It was really something. Made me think already of my own Spa-rty someday.

If you wish to have your own Spa-rty (with your own theme in mind), you may contact Organic Rituals via their Facebook Page. Click here.

much love,

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