Event: Psychic Festival at The Venize Piazza, McKinley Hills

It was quite a cold evening when I went to The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hills to attend the Psychic Festival lat thursday. Venice Piazza is a new structure of numerous restaurants that is quite reminiscent of an Italian plaza (hence, the name). The structure of the whole place takes you to a another world and feel of crisp cleanliness is quite invigorating. I surmise that this will be a go-to place for friends and families who just wish to take more time in bonding than ebing overwhelmed with music and surrounding. here, one can truly lounge.

But your fortune being told in such a place is just one of greatest experience of my 2010. :) Throughout the year, Venice Piazza will have tons of enterntainment in stored for us. Here are some night shots of my visit at Venice Piazza! Isn't beautiful there?

So, come on down to Venice Piazza, sip a coffee with a friend, practice photography, enjoy the entertainment they have or simply satisfy the cravings you have for good food.

I know I will...

much love,

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  1. I saw this in the newspaper yesterday...I wanna go but I don't have the pleasure of time plus ang layo! Nice post Shen :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. that looks awesome! what did your fortune say? ; )

  3. how do you get here using a car coming from eastwood city? :) was checking up google maps and there seems no answer.

  4. take C5 going South. After Market Market... stay on the right side. Watch out for the McKinley Hill Exit which would probably be 2 or 3 exits away. Just follow the signs.


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