Product Review: In2it Light Reflecting Liquid Eyeliner in Carribean with FOTD

Have you noticed that I'm back to blogger comments? Its because is will soon be closing down. Sniff...

I am hoping though that blogger provides us the same service especially those who buys their own domain name. :) It would be a nice Valentine's Day gift!

No, I didn't cut my hair. That's just how the front part looks like when I use a straightening iron on it. :) It won't look that neat if I literally have all my locks chopped off.

Back now to regular programming. I've had the In2it Light Reflecting Liquid Eyeliner in Carribean for sometime now. I find it a bit flamboyant to use all the time. But its just the best liner to use for green eotd's. I would definitely want to collect all the eyeliner from in2it. Honestly, I never thought i'd get used to using this type of liquid liner. I was just extremely intimated especially that I'm pasmado. Thank God, I didn't let my insecurities stop me from using it. :)

1. Affordable
2. Impressive lasting power
3. Easy to remove but may leave some stain.
4. Easy to use once you've had enough practice.
5. Very pigmented.
6. Lovin' the changing color effects (like a monochromatic car)

Possible problems:
1. May cause some application problem to those who are not use to eyeliner.
2. Some may not like the patent/shiny finish of this eyeliner.

1. slighty pull the temple, close eyes and follow the upper lashline.
2. To add wings, simply extend outward from the edge of upper lashline.
3. Keep makeup remover and q tips near.
4. Practice makes perfect.

under sunlight

with flash

Shoot me, please. I neglected to write down what I used but its basically those mineral makeup samples i have laying around my stash. You can definitely recreate this using green shimmery eyeshadows and defining it with a dark green eyeshadow on the outer V.

closer look

Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Stick Foundation
Ellana Premium Blend Foundation in French Vanilla
Ellana Flirtation Blush
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer Powder
Smashbox Illume Lipgloss
MAC Brunette Brow Pen

Butterly necklace from Accessorize
(Robinson's Place Manila)

I just can't get over the lighting in our balcony. Major l-o-v-e.

Oh, and I dreamt about my new hair color. Instead of my hair going blondish brown, its going to be a brownish red. Similar to Private Practice Kate Walsh's red locks. No, I won't be getting it anytime soon, I'll be slowly returning first to my au naterelle black hair to give it a little rest from its previous coloring and rebonding. Besides, love your own! :)

much love,

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  1. oooh the swatch looks really nice though im one of those who arent a fan of shimmery liner, dont think they suit me very well hehe love the color though! :)

  2. What a stunning colour! You've gotta love the Shu foundation too!

  3. My first liner was a liquid liner and seeing your swatch makes me want to go back to it! :) i love your FOTD so fresh !! So pretty!

  4. wow, the color of the liquid liner is sooo pretty and a great alternative for the usual black.

    I love how your photos came out. Its soo bright and clear :)

  5. great review! that's a very pretty color and your makeup looks gorgeous :)

  6. Wow, that's a gorgeous color! Nice FOTD too :)

  7. I agree nice FOTD. And I want to pick up that eyeliner now..too bad I never bought it during sales!!

  8. That eyeliner looks nice, although I rarely ever wear anything else on my lids aside from black and brown.

    Shen, you gotta have to tell us what you used for your eye makeup. hahaha! It's sooooo pretty :)

  9. such a pretty color! love it.


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