Petrilude on Man Makeup

When I did makeup on guys back at the Adidas Originals Anniversary, I was too scared to touch the face of the models even with my brushes. I was just too use in doing my face that I know I'll screw up their face if I put any product on it. Though my makeup application isn't as fabulous as those you see in the runway, I was glad that it was decent enough. Still, I need to improve.

Thankfully, I saw a Youtube video of Petrilude, a guy makeup artist I've subscribed to for months now, is having a set of videos devoted to MAN MAKEUP. As for aspiring makeup artist like who doesn't have the budget to go to makeup school, this is really helpful and inspiring.

Here's the first ideo he made entitled: MAN MAKEUP: Looking Awake/Healthy. Basically, he talks about and show basic application of makeup for guys on a daily basis.

Petrilude is such a great guru in my opinion. He's truly inspiring. :)

Watch more of his videos here.

much love,

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