event make-up

Runway Gig at Adidas Originals (Picture Heavy)


I was lucky enough to be a part of Jheng's team for the event of Adidas Originals Anniversary held at Mbassy Club. Thanks, sis!

I mainly did makeup on the boys. They are very easy to work with. Some of them are even chatty that loosened up immediately making my work much easier. The girl I worked on with was very nice. She had such a good disposition and I won't be surprise if they not only hire her for her height and beautiful face but also her character. I'm lucky that she's the first female model I worked on. :)

All I can say is that I'm glad I went despite being so nervous that during the past days.

les models

the male models


cute couple

jheng: working mode

fun fun guys


adryan with Nina

me with paul

I heart manila, adidas originals

nina and I with models

luigi with his MUA gf



love the outfits



adrian and karen



the MUA's

the hairstylists

team leaders: jheng and michelle

I had loads of fun!! :)

much love,

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