FOTD: Ellana's New Obsession Blush + Mineral Makeup Epiphany

Sorry, I have been lagging on my blog duties. I was sick for the past week that caused me not to blog properly. Even now, my brain is still ringing from the sneezing and coughing. I've missed all of you and wished that all is well with you guys. :)


Back to blogging...

As promised in my Ellana post about their new blushes, I will be featuring their 4th new shade with an FOTD. I though that it would be a challenge to use to this since the shade is truly intense. Not something an everyday girl like me would wearing all the time.

I had to eat my words, you know. I was surprised on how beautiful this blush looked on my cheeks. And how little I had to use to achieve the effect I want.

Obsession Mineral Blush by Ellana

swatch of Obsession Mineral Blush

Natural Light (sunny 1230 noon)

Ellana Make It Last Primer
Ellana Concealer in Revive
Ellana Concealer in Cheer
Ellana Foundation in Hazelnut (Intensive Coverage)
Ellana Blush in Obsession

Ellana Multipurpose Eyeshadows in Wish (as eyeliner and eyebrow color)

how it looked when I just applied it. :)

I just tap a little product on the lid, swirled my blush brush and swept it on my cheeks. That was enough to achieve this flushed look. The trick is to use minimal amount of this shade and blend properly. It also stayed the whole time I was out that even when it was time for a facial (around 7pm), it was still visible on my cheeks.


Mineral Makeup Attestation

Show-off moment:
My aesthetician was surprised to see how many dark spots i have after she removed my makeup. She commented that my concealer works great. I told her that I just use mineral make-up and that its just powders. She was more surprised. :) She thought I barely had make-up on! Lol! The derma had to check me the second time as well (when i had no makeup on) to see what treatment I needed since she couldn't decide what to tell the aesthetician because she can't see my all my marks. Hehehe!

I know there was reason I use mineral makeup. And this is why I do. :)

much love,

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