Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited: For Women Only

Exciting. Liberating. Sexual. These are three words that comes to mind with Diesel's new perfume for Women, Fuel for life.

It evokes the power of women to seduce and attract any gentlemen that comes her way. It conveys confidence away from all prohibitions. Fuel for life is inspired by the 1920's, best known as the Speak Easy Era wherein people gather secretly for a night of carousing, music and dancing. Women are dared to bare more skin and traditional attitudes. Alcohols were sold secretly and when one is deprived something, we looks for ways to still enjoy it.

Fuel for life brings you back to those times. Letting you relive wild illegal moments, providing you with lust for fun, tearing you away from your ho-hum overdosed work life. As the scent settles in your skin, the more you grow to love it, the more you loosen up for the night. A night you know you deserve.

It looks seriously illegal much like alcohols in the 20's but giving in to the temptation is so much easier.

Diesel Fuel for Life, surprises you with its' top notes of Mandarin, Lemon and Guava. Envelops you with heart notes of Liquorice, Aloe and White Flowers (lily, jasmine, sambac, Indian tuberose). Lulls you with bottom notes of Musk and Sandalwood. Exciting to senses? Wait 'til you take this on a night out with you and your man...or the man you'll soon meet.

No prohibition. Fuel your Life.

Available in 75ml, 50ml and 30ml. Bottle reminiscent of the passed days tinted liquor bottles clothed with gold mesh that feels soft to the skin.

Would you dare?

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