Friday, September 26, 2008

Loot: Covergirl VolumeExact & Revlon Custom Creation

My recent date with the Two hotties and my BB's(Blog Buddies) provided a chance for me to get a few stuff at Robinson Galleria's Health and Beauty section. I was just suppose to get some face cleansing essentials since i was gonna surprise R and sleep at his place for our 37th month. Hihihi!

I grabbed my fave lip and eye makeup remover from L'oreal, cleansing wipes from Elianto and Dove facial scrub. Then i saw the girls(Jheng and Jamie) trying on some lippies at Cover Girl, like those similar to LustreTwins. I also tried out a few of the shades but found nothing that suits my fancy. Besides, I still have about 30++ of NYX lippies i haven't used. I should've headed for the counter but instead I went to the mascara part of CoverGirl and asked Jheng if she has tried the mascara. She recommended the VolumeExact so i grabbed one. Enabled? Maybe.. Maybe not. :)

We all had a grand time. Me, Phoebe, Jamie and Jheng also tested thier liquid foundation that smells cherry almond. Yum! Phoebe's skin is so gorgeous she barely needs makeup . Jamie, well Jamie is a hottie. Jheng in her pretty dress was turning heads. :)

the bristles provide in IMO a better way of coating the mascara without the clumps

after i dipped the tool, see how each rubber bristles is coated. it did the same to my lashes.

there a safety cap provided.

When we crashed at Jheng's place, she offered to give my her Revlon's Custom Creations in Fair/Light. Isn't she nice?

Thanks, J!

one pump per turn... (i think i did this wrong). I should hav pumped a few time with each turn for the shades to show. haii...

There isn't much changes in the shades since i think you have to pump a lot of times before getting the shade you really want. Notice that at the last swatch, it is relatively darker than the rest of the shade.

I'm hoping to try this soon.

much love,

Loot: US lemmings c/o Nessa + pressed pigments + Let's Face It

I love receiving packages. It's like my birthday all over again.

My last package arrived at my friend's house last Sept. 18. I asked that it be addressed to her place since her location has proven to be reliable (meaning, it arrives safely and on time). The package is also an important one for me since it has a few things i've been lemming for.

I got this package from the ever so nice, Nessa. I asked her if she could get a few things for me in the US and she obliged. Don't expect a lot from my loot since i only wanted the essentials and the brushes i've been lemming for. :) Thanks so much, Nessa! You're the best.

sigh! thanks, J, for receiving this for me. :)

brushes from Sonia K, magnetic strips, pans (size of MAC), Jane B Pure Mineral gel liner. :)

finally! and they don't look anything at all like my other crease brushes. :)

my Jane B Pure Mineral Gel liner in Dark Brown
good thing i didn't get dip down when i was at MAC

i wanted to get the pans coz i was dying to press my MAC and NYX pearl mania pigments. :) Obviously, i couldn't wait. :) See...

top: freebie from my brush set, nyx pearl manian, nyx pearl mania
bottom: ellana pleasant, nyx pearl mania, nyx pearl mania, bare naturals viva sa blush

I bake everything except the Viva Sofia. They are all so pigmented and total no-brainer. but very very messy.

Thank you so much, Nessa!!
I really really appreciate what you've done. You truly made my birthday a happy happy one!


I didn't have class today so I visited Let's Face It, a facial house here in Manila, PI. It was raining very hard so i let die down first.

I've been a consistent client of Let's Face It near my place since 2003. When i want a thorough facial cleaning without the dent on the pocket, i go for this place. It's very affordable and you can get anything done here. From facials to manicure and pedicure. They also provide one, if not the best, body scrub i've ever experienced. They cater mainly to low to upper middle class. There are really highend facials you can avail but their facial is as low is $7 to $8.

As for their aesthticians, you're lucky if you find your match at a first try. I recommend that you stick with one so she'll learn how your skin works. As for me, I have a few of my favorite. But the best for me is Shirley at MetroEast who has the lightest hands ever. Having facials with her is actually something i look forward to. :)

My facial cost me Php865 ($18), i got the Pimple Treatment with Pimple Mask.

the pimple mask.. freaky! :) but it does dries up pimples fast and reduce redness instantly. No icky residue after, which i really like.

I also had my eyebrows threaded for P150 ($3.26)

gotta go back to studying!

much love,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

FOTD: Flapper/Nautical Look

Face overdose ahead!

I finally decided to take time and make 1920's inspired look. Don't you just love that flapper era? I think i was born in that year and just reincarnated. LOL! I was also going for the nautical look since i was wearing my striped blue shirt. Reminds me of the Naughty/Nauticals of Mac.

Honestly, I thought red lips would look hideous on me. Glad it turned out okay than i expected. :)

Sorry i'm so bad at fixing my hair. I also didn't use a heavy coverage since i was about to go to bed when i did this. And i'm so bad at fixing my brows! Argh! I do wish i had that flapper cap though. :)

lol! saw this pic when i googled flapper era for this blog. Isn't she cute?

Ellana Hazenut Latte in Premium Blend mixed with Make it Last
NYX Concelear in a Jar
BareNaturals Bronze Goddess
Ellana MPM in Beloved
Ellana Highlighter in Tranquility
Modelco Deisnger Brows

NYX Round Lipstick in Electra

Coastalscents Eyepoxy
120 Palette (using the shimmery white, darkbrown and black)
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner
The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing Mascara

Hope you like this look!

much love,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Project Beauty Ph: A Basic Makeup Workshop

I'm so proud of my two good friends, Sophie and Brigitte aka Jheng, will be teaming up for a Basic Makeup Workshop. It's called Project Beauty Ph : A Basic Makeup Workshop!

Sign up now!!

I'll see you there much later since my classes are til 4pm! (how unfortunate for me, right?)

much love,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review: Purely Cosmetics (Mineral Makeup)

Maria in Skin Smoothening and Pure Mineral Formula.

What: Purely Cosmetics Foundation Sample - 3 pack
Price: $12.00
Shipping: Varies
Company: Purely Cosmetics

I've been trying out the samples i got from Purely Cosmetics. I was lucky enough to avail her Free Shipping Promo for her birthday. I ordered 3 different shades of her Skin Smoothening Formula. And believe me when i tell you that my skin is loving it. But since it was for dry skin, it was hard to keep the oils at bay.

As usual, I am still having a hard time looking for the right shade. So i got the Maria (which Robyn, owner of Purely, recommended me) in both formula and their Silk and Pearl Powder. Maria in Pure Mineral Formula (best for oily skin) which IMO is the best shade for me. Yey! I just love how the Pure Mineral Formula adheres to my skin especially when i partnered it with their Silk and Pearl Powder Primer.

My experience:
1. Despite my oily skin, I am loving both formula. Especially the Skin Smoothening that amazingly worked for me when I was in an air conditioned room for countless of hours. My face definitely looks glowing and smooth. Not the matte skin i usually experience with my regular blot powder.
2. The Silk and Pearl Powder Primer is great especially for keeping your makeup intact. It leaves my face smooth for better application of my mineral foundation.
3. The texture and consistency are very velvety smooth. The Skin Smoothening formula is just a dream that it slides onto your skin really well (i can understand how Nessa just love this formula). The Pure Mineral Formula provides that matte-look that, we oily skin, are after.
4. The samples are very generous!
5. Ultra fast shipping on the part of the company. Purely Cosmetics shipped out my orders immediately after confirmation of my payment.
6. I didn't use any Liquid Primer when i was trying on both formula. The Skin Smoothening stayed for about 2 to 3 hours before oilies became present(on a normal room temperature). While the Pure Mineral Formula stayed for about a few hours longer.
7. The jars are so chic. I love the gold details. :)

Bad Experience:
1. None so far. :)
2. I do hope shipping will be cheaper though. :)

Will i repurchase? I'm so loyal to Ellana but I am considering ordering full size of Maria in Pure Mineral Foundation of Purely Cosmetics and try their Oil Absorb Primer (i'm curious with the bentonite clay). :)

Kikay Pinay Gives this the Mineral Foundation of Purely Cosmetics: 4 out of 5 Kikay Pinay Points

much love,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

FOTD: Simple eyes and Hot Pink Lips + Meeting Sab + Thanks

I love my MAC Heatherette Stlye Minx Lipgloss. I decided to wear it in this Saturday for two events i was going to. The Global Pinoy Bazaar and Dutdutan 2008.

I wore my Fave Ellana Eyeshadow in Delicate, a near dupe of MAC Neoscifi Magnetic Fields. But on the taupe side. I decided to just wear one eyeshadow but I decided to add in Confess to give a little lightness to Delicate on my innerlid. :)


The two events i went to was so much fun. I didn't get to buy anything at the Bazaar since i it still isn't "that time of the month" (meaning near Christmas. hehehe!) But it was a lot of fun helping out my friends at Ellana. :) I love helping out women choose shades and stuff at the bazaar. :)

I also saw my blog girl, Sab. She's so beautiful! She finally got some full pots of the Ellana she previously tried. :)

Then, I met up with her at Dutdutan at A.Venue in Makati Ave. It was a total experience. I'm dying for tat now! I'm glad that got to spend some time with Sab and her friends. I also have a friend from highschool who's there so i catched up with him. It was so much fun. Great bands and hip hop artists. I love it. I can't wait for next year.

I'm sure that if (g) is here, she'll enjoy this event to. :)

me and the beautiful Sab (guys kept on looking at her.)

Atchie(hope i spelled that right), sab and me (pic taken by J)


I had such a blast this weekend that i'm sure i'll pay for it somehow with school. :)
So for this week no night outs for me or meet ups (except to get my package from Brigitte, hehehe!).

Mom is putting me on lock-down! It's not nice to see a "lady" always out late at night. Yes, i did mention that I am in my 20's and of legal age. :)

Nevertheless, the past week was such a HIGH for me. Like i'm floating on air, so blissful in my own world. I need to be in study mode anyway so no problem.

I'm blessed with wonderful friends and blogger buddies. Thanks so much for the time spent with me.

Law School buddies
Nikki and Bea
Phoebe, Sophie and Brigitte
Connie and There
Sab and her pretty friends

much love,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Events: Global Pinoy Bazaar 2008 & Dutdutan 2008

On September 20 and 21 at the Rockwell Tent, another installation of The Global Pinoy Bazaar will be held.

Expect to be impressed by an event showcasing Filipino Products. :)

Tangkilin ang sariling atin!

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics will be there!

See you!!

Sept. 20 and 21, 2008


Don't get left behind... there's still a day to go. :)

Will i come home with a dutdot? :)

much love,

FOTD: Politician's wife look

I looked like a politician's wife at yesterday's event. And loving it since R have expressed his plans of running for office in beloved and beautiful hometown. :) Practice makes perfect, right? :)

I used my Sana Pore Putty for the day and it has proven to be a nice colored primer. It did lessen the hugeness of my pores and my makeup did stay put for a few hours. But since I'm still trying to cut down on my makeup usage for the next two weeks, so i won't be using this everyday.

Sana Pore Putty
NYX Concealer in a jar in Medium
Ellana Hazelnut Latte mixed with 2 Pumps of Camellia Rose Primer in Original Formula
MAC Peachtwist

Ellana Lip Treatment
NYX Indian Pink
Ellana First Kiss

MAC Femme-Fi
MAC Time and Space
MAC Evening Aura
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in Blackest Black
The Face Shop Freshian Mascara in Curling

much love,


I finally did it! I did! I did!

After much deliberation and countless hours of thinking for a new name for my blog... i decided to settle in for what i am known for, for the past two years... is now!!!

Please do update your list. :) thanks so much!!

I'm still your Kikay Pinay!

much love,

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pond's Pinkish White Dream Date with Dingdong and Piolo (OMG!)

I consider this as the second wave of my Birthday!

I was fortunate enough to attend one of the celebrated event this season, the Pond's Pinkish White Dream Date with Piolo Pascual and Dingdong Dantes. Two of the biggest actors of the Philippines are joined together to make two pinkish white girls' dream come true. (pick me! pick me!)

OMG! What a day it was. My swear i never had my heart beat this fast for any other reason (except my bf). These two men are just mesmerizing! They are truly gorgeous! A true specimen of the male form. They ooze sexuality, baby! O my... did i just say that?? LOL!

Piolo Pascual and Dingdong Dantes
- when the names of these two hotties were called, the people were screaming out loud while i was just staring at Dingdong, awestruck! :)
I've got my eye on Dingdong. (don't get jealous, baby!)

A dream date with these two leading actors awaits single women between 18 to 35 years old who have healthy pinkish white skin. It’s as simple as sending a recent colored half body photo and one empty pack of any Pond’s White Beauty product together with your name, age, address, telephone or mobile number and e-mail. Also include the date of your choice: Piolo or Dingdong.
Two winners will be selected and these lucky ladies will each get a surprise Dream Date arranged by Pond’s with the heartthrob of her choice - Piolo or Dingdong – not to mention P100,000 cash! All eyes will be on Piolo and Dingdong as they await their perfect date. And who knows, with that pinkish white glow, you can have that ultimate dream date come to life!
Entries can be mailed directly to P.O Box 727, Araneta Center, Cubao, QC, 1135. It can also be dropped off at any Pond’s Dream Date Booth at participating malls. Submission is from August 24, 2008 until 5pm of November 15, 2008 only.

Me after taking a pic with papa DD and me at the Pond's Wall. :)
I'm the mayor's wife for the day. :) LOL!

Sophie, Jheng, Phoebe and Me! :) Happy Bunch!!!

love love this shot, jheng! :)

love my girls!! :)

more and more pics here and here.

Photos courtesy of Beautynomics and Swipesomegloss
Thanks Girls!

much love,

P.S. Thank you so much, Sophie!!
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