FOTD: Simple eyes and Hot Pink Lips + Meeting Sab + Thanks

I love my MAC Heatherette Stlye Minx Lipgloss. I decided to wear it in this Saturday for two events i was going to. The Global Pinoy Bazaar and Dutdutan 2008.

I wore my Fave Ellana Eyeshadow in Delicate, a near dupe of MAC Neoscifi Magnetic Fields. But on the taupe side. I decided to just wear one eyeshadow but I decided to add in Confess to give a little lightness to Delicate on my innerlid. :)


The two events i went to was so much fun. I didn't get to buy anything at the Bazaar since i it still isn't "that time of the month" (meaning near Christmas. hehehe!) But it was a lot of fun helping out my friends at Ellana. :) I love helping out women choose shades and stuff at the bazaar. :)

I also saw my blog girl, Sab. She's so beautiful! She finally got some full pots of the Ellana she previously tried. :)

Then, I met up with her at Dutdutan at A.Venue in Makati Ave. It was a total experience. I'm dying for tat now! I'm glad that got to spend some time with Sab and her friends. I also have a friend from highschool who's there so i catched up with him. It was so much fun. Great bands and hip hop artists. I love it. I can't wait for next year.

I'm sure that if (g) is here, she'll enjoy this event to. :)

me and the beautiful Sab (guys kept on looking at her.)

Atchie(hope i spelled that right), sab and me (pic taken by J)


I had such a blast this weekend that i'm sure i'll pay for it somehow with school. :)
So for this week no night outs for me or meet ups (except to get my package from Brigitte, hehehe!).

Mom is putting me on lock-down! It's not nice to see a "lady" always out late at night. Yes, i did mention that I am in my 20's and of legal age. :)

Nevertheless, the past week was such a HIGH for me. Like i'm floating on air, so blissful in my own world. I need to be in study mode anyway so no problem.

I'm blessed with wonderful friends and blogger buddies. Thanks so much for the time spent with me.

Law School buddies
Nikki and Bea
Phoebe, Sophie and Brigitte
Connie and There
Sab and her pretty friends

much love,

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