Loot: US lemmings c/o Nessa + pressed pigments + Let's Face It

I love receiving packages. It's like my birthday all over again.

My last package arrived at my friend's house last Sept. 18. I asked that it be addressed to her place since her location has proven to be reliable (meaning, it arrives safely and on time). The package is also an important one for me since it has a few things i've been lemming for.

I got this package from the ever so nice, Nessa. I asked her if she could get a few things for me in the US and she obliged. Don't expect a lot from my loot since i only wanted the essentials and the brushes i've been lemming for. :) Thanks so much, Nessa! You're the best.

sigh! thanks, J, for receiving this for me. :)

brushes from Sonia K, magnetic strips, pans (size of MAC), Jane B Pure Mineral gel liner. :)

finally! and they don't look anything at all like my other crease brushes. :)

my Jane B Pure Mineral Gel liner in Dark Brown
good thing i didn't get dip down when i was at MAC

i wanted to get the pans coz i was dying to press my MAC and NYX pearl mania pigments. :) Obviously, i couldn't wait. :) See...

top: freebie from my brush set, nyx pearl manian, nyx pearl mania
bottom: ellana pleasant, nyx pearl mania, nyx pearl mania, bare naturals viva sa blush

I bake everything except the Viva Sofia. They are all so pigmented and total no-brainer. but very very messy.

Thank you so much, Nessa!!
I really really appreciate what you've done. You truly made my birthday a happy happy one!


I didn't have class today so I visited Let's Face It, a facial house here in Manila, PI. It was raining very hard so i let die down first.

I've been a consistent client of Let's Face It near my place since 2003. When i want a thorough facial cleaning without the dent on the pocket, i go for this place. It's very affordable and you can get anything done here. From facials to manicure and pedicure. They also provide one, if not the best, body scrub i've ever experienced. They cater mainly to low to upper middle class. There are really highend facials you can avail but their facial is as low is $7 to $8.

As for their aesthticians, you're lucky if you find your match at a first try. I recommend that you stick with one so she'll learn how your skin works. As for me, I have a few of my favorite. But the best for me is Shirley at MetroEast who has the lightest hands ever. Having facials with her is actually something i look forward to. :)

My facial cost me Php865 ($18), i got the Pimple Treatment with Pimple Mask.

the pimple mask.. freaky! :) but it does dries up pimples fast and reduce redness instantly. No icky residue after, which i really like.

I also had my eyebrows threaded for P150 ($3.26)

gotta go back to studying!

much love,

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