Review: Never Let Them See You Shine Velvet Touch Primer (with FOTD)

Philosophy's Never Them See You Shine Velvet Touch Primer

Never Let Them See You Shine Velvet Touch Primer is one product that I've recently bought... :) When R and I went to Robinson's Galleria to meet up with a prospect condo seller, we passed by Beauty Bar and I noticed the that they already have the Never Let Them See You Shine collection of Philosophy. I was just raving and the whole time I couldn't let keep my mind off of it. So, when R and his friend L were chatting I took off and I checked out Beauty Bar asap. :)

It took a while before I actually bought this since I was torn between this and Smashbox's Photo Finish Light Primer. I really was indecisive so badly. But in the end, I caved in and got me a tube of Never Let Them See You Shine Velvet Touch Primer. It nearly have the same amount of product but cheaper.

There wasn't much rave reviews that I saw online about this but I've trusted Philosophy's products for so long I didn't have doubts about this.

And I wasn't wrong. I so love the finish that this primer gave. Despite the liquid-y consistency of this product, it gave me such a matte effect instantly with no feel of oiliness whatsoever. My face was totally primed for makeup. Applying my concealer was a breeze and my foundation seem to stick to it like it was matched made in heaven. Needless to say, I am in love with this product. The hefty price I paid for (P1300), was definitely worth it.

Did I mention that this smells wonderful? Like an essential oil has been added to it. I couldn't exactly name it but it smells divine!

However, (yes, there still is), this primer like all of my primer isn't as long lasting. It lasted for 4 hours maxed before the evil oliness crept out... I wasn't really surprise since i have an oil-mine face and most of my primers last this long anyway. The Great thing is, I can re-apply this primer on top of my makeup (after i used an oil blotting paper). I tell you, it won't cake your makeup. Like I said, instant matte face.... again!

So, yeah... this primer is worth your attention. :)

this is me after makeup application, using Never Let Them See You Shine Velvet Touch Primer underneath. :)

there is a lot product on this look that will be reviewed in the next coming posts so don't get tired of this photo. :) hehehe!

I give this product 4 out 5 Kikay Pinay points. :)

Is this my HG primer? Well, still hard to say but right now its in par my Ellana Make It Last Primer and BareNaturals S5 Primer. Teehee!

much love,

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