Haul: Eyeko Beauty

After I've read from a fellow blogger that Eyeko Beauty is having buy-2-get-1free-plus-free-international-shipping, I had to grab this opportunity and grab me some of this Manga Makeup. The packing is so gorgeous and very pink. Definitely in my alley of preference.

Choosing wasn't so difficult, the question is how to stop. But since my cc was nearly maxed out I can only order up to 10 pounds. :)

Look! All of these for just 10 pounds! What a steal!

I got the Eyeko Cream to help me lighten my tired-looking undereyes.. I didn''t think it would be big. This jar will last me forever!

At first time, this product gives me an illusion of an 8-hour sleep. I agree now why yummibitez love this product. :)

Eyeko Mascara

I'm in love with this mascara! I love the applicator and the fancy tube container. :) Definitely coated my lashes really well. :)

Eyeko Touch & Go Concealer

Nice! You should try this! Covers my undereye discoloration effectively. Great to use when I know I'll be in an airconditioned room since it has moisturizing properties much like Eyeko Cream.


Taste oh so GOOD!

I give Eyeko products, 5 out 5 Kikay Pinay Points!

The price, the quality, the promos are earned this 5 points!

much love,

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