Personal: A day out with the BF + MAgazine & New Shoes

Here's just a lil sumthin' sumthin' that i wanna share with you...

Me with MUFE HD FOundation in 120 on... :)

Me in my statement tee... :) lol!!
The friends loved this shirt. The BF even picked this from a lot of statement tees!
He said I should wear this when I visit school.
But dang it... I have to lose weight! I'm fatso! :)

Me and BF at the clinic.. he's here for a follow up. :)
He's okay, don't worry! He's healthy! :) Love him muchos!!

late lunch at Chef Islaw... BF had Bicol Express (right) and I had Vagnet (left).
Chef Islaw offers all-Filipino cuisine. The food is ok enough for the price, around $10. The ambiance is very Pinoy which I totally love. Forgot to take pics, though.. :(

We had our pic taken in this really really nice Kawaii photo booth.. :)


Watched The Day the Earth Stood Still...
What an inspiring film!
I wish our Goverment will make things easier for us to live a life that will conserve our resources...

SPA Time!!

We had a spa date here in Apple Seed, a japanese-inspired nail and spa house... I had a Body Scrub ($5) and hun had their Shinjuku sports massage ($5).

wait wait! of course I didn't go to the mall and came home with nothing. :)


Magazines and shoes from B Club :)

I also got the Cosmo Planner. Pretty! :) Will show that to you some other time. :)

It was really a very simple date. The mall is just across our house... but R and I had lots of fun, especially on the photo booth... :) I'm hoping more of this will happen soon. :)

much love,

R has been taking steps toward our future... I'll talk to you about that soon... I'm so excited!

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