Nars Haul: An Orgasmic Experience

Hullo Everyblogger!!! How's my beauties?

Well, let me share you my favorite blush when it comes to traditional makeup. :)

NARS ORGASM! Now, don't go changing my heart about this by saying that there are Dupes out there. I swear to you, my ladies, that this is a one of a kind blush that'll make yor man's wildest dream come true. He'll think you're so happy in love all the time even when you are PMS'ing!

As you know a lot has been happening lately. My complexion isn't the way it was anymore, it became dull and kind of lifeless. What do I do? I open my Kikay Kit and take out this blush to give me that lively look.

Don't be fooled by the name, this won't make you look like you like "it" a lot. It will just give that glowy sunkissed look, like you ran out of breath. I can't explain it exactly but it definitely looked good on me (as per bf's obeservation). Hehehe!

NARS Orgasm in Flourescent Light

NARS Orgasm and E.L.F. Glow

A semi-dupe of NARS Orgasm, light enough to give you nearly the same effect. :)


Notice that NARS Orgasm has a more pinkish tone than that of E.L.F. Glow.

Of course we got to have the Lip gloss too...

I've recently acquired this so i still have to give it a fair rev.

But so far, I'm liking it... :)

Swatch... definitely nice to use for smokey looks

til next haul!! I still have more my blogging can't keep up with it. Sorry!

much love,

P.S. NARS Super Orgasm is now available in NAR's Counters of Rustan's here in Manila.

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