Something from Kapatid (EOB & Monistat Chafing Gel)

My dearest friend(whom i call Kapatid) in law school just got back from her short trip from the U.S. I'm quite pleased that she got the time to really get out of PI since her work in school has taken its toll. Really, you can't find a more active/helpful student than my bestfriend. Ever since we transferred school, she has been doing a lot of things to help in school. She's an officer, chairman etc. She even, along with other law students in the PI, attended out of the country convention (using her own money). And a lot truly depends on her. I'm so proud of her. :)

And i think it was good that even though for a short period of time, she got away from it all. Although, i know that the texts didn't stop even when she was in the states.

Of course, I used the best friend card this time to take advantage of her being there. :) hehehe! I asked her ever so nicely if she could get stuff for me at CVS, Walgreens and Target. I asked this from her near at the end of her vacay there since i really didn't wanna impose. And boy was she not surprise when i told her i wanted some cosmetic stuff! LOL!!

Unfortunately, Sonia Kashuk blending brush is out of stock and she couldn't find ecotools. But she did get me wonderful stuff. :)

She got me ESSENCE OF BEAUTY BRUSHES!!! I just asked her to get me the deluxe duo set but she also got me the At Home Kit and Comb/Eyebrow and Fiber Eye Liner Brush. Yeeee!

Why can't be find brushes soft as these here in Manila??

At Home Face Kit (FACE), Deluxe Duo Set (FACE), Comb/Eyebrow & Fiber Eye Liner Brush (EYES)
my new babies. :)

Ever since i saw this from Nikki, Nessa and have read tons of forums online, i knew i gotta give this a try. :) Monistat Chafing Relief POWDER-GEL or Popularly known Monistat Anti-Chafing Powder Gel. :) Dear Kapatid got me three. Sweet! :)

this product indeed looks like a face primer, smells a bit like face primer and and smoothens like a primer. And not used to treat any medical condition. (initial test)

Please look out for the intensive review of each products!! :) thanks!!

see yah soon!


Thanks, Kapatid!

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  1. Hi sis! Nice nice brushes!!!! You are so lucky to have "kapatid" like that :") hehehehe Enjoy your newbies and can't wait to read your "intensive" reviews on that :D

  2. Nice sis! How lucky you are to have your "kapatid". :) Those Ecotool brushes again. I'm in the US and I still can't find those darn things, and they're sold out online as well.

  3. wow, Essence of Beauty brushes! i must gra those as well in the future lol. and you got Monistat ahead of me! not fair... lol. do post your reviews!!! :D

  4. waaahh inggit ako! i want those brushes too! and that monistat, i have one na din pero gusto ko pa magpabili din sa uuwi galing US!

  5. pabili na yoU!! :) i'll ask my tita to get me more pa ng eh.. kaso lang di ko pa alam kung kelan sila uwi.

    true guys, i'm lucky to have kapatid like her. :) she's so nice.

    a little feedback, sobrang lambot ng brushes and the powder gel is so easy to apply. :)

  6. just a side note sis, i read na me expiration ang Monistat so hinay hinay sa hoarding! lol. ;D

  7. hi, shen! thanks for stopping by my blog. i confess that i am a non-tagalog/non-ilocano/non-anything filipina. (i blame my parents!!) i'm first generation american. (my mom is in her 9th year of alzheimer's disease, and she is being cared for by our family in manila; my hubby, 2 sons, and i were in the P.I. last summer to visit her.)

    funny that you want american drugstore stuff, vi anne introduced me to Careline e/s, and a relative is bringing me every color she could find -- she arrives here tomorrow!! yay for makeup that i didn't have to buy!!

    i have that monistat stuff, too. it's exactly the same consistency as smashbox's photo finish primer. i've been using the monistat "primer" off and on, but i'm really hooked on laura geller's "spackle."

  8. i'm true pinay to bones despite half this half that in the family. I'm part ilocana (pop's side). sorry to hear about your mom. But i'm sure she very well taken care here. :) It's okay not to be able to speak the lang or dialect. :)

    i love careline e/s... oh.. i should have known days before.. would have introduced you to my 72 palette made in china Eyeshadows. It's P300, about $5. :) hehehe!

    i hope you visit Manila soon.:) it seems you have a number of followers on your beauty blog here.

  9. mhean, yup! i know. :) my aunts OC like that so i'm sure she'll check that for me. anyhoo,what i have now are to expire end of 2008 and other 2009. :)


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