Shen's Addiction Accessories is now moved and revamped!!!

ok, this is not advertising or anything... but nonetheless, i'm a proud momma of a new site. my online catalog of accessories i make is officially revamped!!

i'm sooo excited! it's a new beginning for me again as i've been terribly neglectful of it since i got into make-up and beauty blogging. thanks to Marie of MageWorks, she did all the make over work of my site. i couldn't be more happier. :) it was totally worth it. :)

i chose red coz its my lucky color (IMO), gold because before everything else, i love GOLD.. hence the accessories i make. its not too crowdy either to focus the designs more.. of course the designs are used to showcase it. i think its stylish enough but not too intimidating for my designs are very affordable. :)

here are some photos of my site..


my site!!!

the welcome page, one of the albums

my header, my footer

to see my site, click here
Shen's Addiction Accessories.


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  1. wow, congrats sis! I'll check it out! :) NOW!

  2. wow look at you girl, serious about business! congratulations! ;)

  3. it's turning 1 on May 3rd. i'm a proud momma of this nifty little habit of mine. :) thanks for checking it out. :)

  4. Your online store puts mine to shame. lol. Congrats!

  5. congrats and more power! :-)

  6. Wow Shen! Entrepreneur + Aspiring Make Up Artist + Law Student! You are a superwoman. =)

  7. lol! my mom calls it ADHD! :) lol! mag medication na daw me. :)

  8. you website looks great!! do you make those yourself?

  9. hi! (g)ezebel (love the name!!), yes i make them myself. :) just me, no one else.. hihihi! thanks!!


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