WishList: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion

I totally want this!!! As in, I gotta have this!! Desperately! I want! I want! I want!! (stomps feet!)

I think you'll want one too...

saw this from Eye 4 Makeup blog and video, and i just fell in love!

Who wouldn't?? I hate putting eyeliners! Although i totally love my Coastal Scents Eyeliner, it's still waaay better to have a product that is versatile as UD E/S Transforming Potion. Imagine utilizing your eye shadows more and stop buying eyeliners? This is such a great product for me... And Santa, i promise to be good if i see one of this under the christmas tree or even just on my stocking ... or even better, earlier on my birthday! hehehe!

The Urban Decay Website describe this product as...

Eyeshadow Transforming Potion

Transform your favorite Eyeshadow to a liquid liner or liquid shadow! Like eye liner, but without the pigment, Eyeshadow Transforming Potion is a water-based formula with a special mix of emollients added. Dip either brush into your favorite shadow and poof – instant liquid shine in your favorite shade.

The amazing double-ended product features both thin and wide brushes. Use the thin brush for a custom liquid liner that delivers a precise line. Or to craft a more dramatic look, sweep the wide brush over your entire eye for gleaming color that dries down and stays put.

Tips: To get the best color, dip one of the two brushes, wet with transforming potion, into your Eyeshadow of choice, then swirl around to form a sort of a paste. This technique works MUCH better than just touching the wet brush to the shadow. Your color will be more brilliant and opaque. Also note: shadow may stain the brush, but it won’t affect the next time you want to mix up a different color. If you’re a neat freak, rinse the brush with water, then pat dry with a tissue before reinserting back into the Transforming Potion.

For, $18.00... it's totally worth it!

Imagine all the things that you can do with this? Face paints, rainbow look, etc. etc. etc.

i know i can use a mixing medium and pointed brushes like eyeliner brushes... i want this any way.

love love love


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  1. i've been wondering about this stuff. i have lots of colored and glitter liners, so i'm not ready yet to part with my $18. heehee

  2. p.s. you're a law student? i'm a ligitation secretary, 17 years now. i work for 4 attorneys in civil litigation and labor and employment law.

  3. this looks neat. i want to buy some now. do you know if it'd ruin the eyeshadow? i have mac eyeshadows and have heard horror stories of people trying to "foil" the dry eyeshadows with a wet brush and it hardened up the eyeshadow. i wonder if this would do the same thing? i hope not! that's neat you're a law student. my sister is about to graduate in may =) she's soooooo scared about her bar(sp) exam.

  4. Hi sis! hahaha!!! Goodluck sana you'll have someone from the states who's going to buy for you!!!!

  5. cool.. i wish we had UD here in Singapore too.

    but then again, i transform my e/s to liquid liner by using water + glycerin, not caring whether i would ruin it or not. hahaha! i'm a punk. :-p

  6. (g)ezebel, i bet it'll take you a long time finish up your MU's! :)
    wow! 4 attorneys? that's quite a handful? i bet you handle a lot! :) I plan to work there or in canada after the bar exam and proly find a way to take the bar there. my aunts siad i'm still young. some law students in the states are a bit older compared here in Manila.

    spankedelic, i saw eye4makeup use this on her MAC e/s. :) but what i plan to do just in case is use a small blade and get shavings of the e/s to use so i won't cintaminate my e/s's. but then again i use mineralize pigments most of the time. :) so its powder form already.

    nikki, there is someone on ebay selling the stuff. :) would cost me P709.07. here i am again... :)

    liz, when i use my glycerin+water mix make me think of martha stewart with all the diy'ing with it. :) it works well with me too.. but i get soo lazy mixing every other two weeks. :) so i really plan on getting this soon. :)

  7. sis, the price is not bad naman if it last you a long time, basta make sure lang its new and its original :) Goodluck and can't wait to hear from you soon on this!

  8. i thought so too. :) haaii.. i'm trying to be in the no-buy period right now.. :)

  9. I actually have this product, because my cousin bought this by mistake when I asked for UDPP :)

    I like that you can choose the thickness, but it doesn't last as long as I hoped it would.

    For long lasting color, I still use mmu pigments + thin paintbrush (only Php 20 in Goodwill) + Milan Gelle Drops.

  10. i think MAC has the same stuff (mixing medium eyeliner) but in the description it says for pigments and glitter. but i suppose this should work since you have pigments, and don't shave your e/s! baka masira sayang! here is the product description if you are curious:


    i saw someone selling this at GT, around the same amount P700. :)

  11. mhean, i have a kinda technique in "shaving" the e/s and it doesn't get ruined. :)

  12. *giggles* i am older than all four of my attorneys.

    i dunno, they're getting younger and younger. i used to work for a guy who was 26 and had already been practicing law for 4 years!!

    study study study! the california state bar exam is one of the hardest in the U.S. many associates have to take it twice.

  13. wow! 26 and practicing already for 4 years? i'm envious! i do need a lot of catching up to do. :) i wish i could practice there. yeah, i heard that its tough. :)

    thanks for the advises, (g). :)

  14. Love the primer/moisturizer idea! I'll have to try that. The Glitter Glue seems like a good idea too. I was actually looking at it today. I was thinking of using it with loose shadows. Do you think it would make a good base for loose shadows too? I have a bunch of beautiful loose pigments, but they always seem to fade so quickly - and they create tons of fallout! :)

    Love the tips!


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