Rave LooK (*_*) MAD e/s


i gotta pull myself away from purples and pinks! but i can't help it! i totally love em..
soon, i wish i have other colors to show you on my eotds!

I tried my MAD mineral eye colors today. I didn't use base or anything. it's not even foiled. i just tried playing with them. as you can see, the color pays off well. now i'm dying to see them foiled. :) i'm loving rave e/s because its such hot color. its not really pink. it's like neon red. :) lol!

eyes: no base at all, just MAD mpm
Rave: inner half lid (GK eyeshadow brush)
Kuntize: outer half lid (GK eyeshadow brush/217)
Love: above browbone as highlight (elianto blending brush)
Tropical: on top or all e/s's (GK eyeshadow brush)
nichido black eyeliner: eyeline

rave: inner half lower lid
kunzite: oute half lower lid
(using CoastalScents Chisel mini detail brush)
char-kohl: waterline

MAC Brave
Ellana First Kiss (HG colored gloss)

another inarte pose

good night!!



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