work day eotd

i had a full day yesterday, so i thought "why not do my eyes today instead of just blush and lipgloss"

here it is. I used my MAD minerals here... :) this is good for office and school look. :)

used my UDPP for the first time and boy did my EMU stayed the whole day.
I couldn't help not to look at my eyes every chance i get. :)

I got my nails done finally. somehow, this is often what i forget to do or easily overlook. so i splurge on footspa, manicure and pedicure. I had my manucurist paint my fingernails BLACK and my toenails Fantasy red. lol! :)

UDPP base
Evocative - inner lid
Marganite - outer lid to crease
Generic white eyeshadow - highlight
Char-khol - eyeliner
Fasio 3d airtech

looking down pose.. lol!

while waiting for porkchop meal @ goldilocks! lol!


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  1. UDPP rocks! and you're right..the emu will stay the whole day! :)

  2. pretty, as always. :-)

  3. UDPP is soooo cool. :) you only need super konti and it turns invisible. ang galing. magic! :)

    thanks liz! love the parisian look you have! :)

  4. wow that's great sis! UDPP is also one of my lemmings but am not in a hurry lol. but your review definitely makes me want it more! since i'm sooo into e/s hehe! pretty fotd! ;) i actually liked the liner, ashy gray...metallic hmn.. hehe!

  5. it's just the right shade of e/l for me since i have gigantic round eyes. :) subtle but defining.. tama ba?? loL!

    miss yah sis!

  6. OMG you're look looks amazing!!! What brand are your eyeshadows from??

  7. thanks! i used mad minerals here. :) pretty colors isn't it? i'm totally crazt for piggies. :)

    i suggest you try:
    she space
    MAD minerals
    taylormade or sassyminerals
    joppa is good too. :)


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