hi! i'm back!

here's my MAD MINERAL HAUL. This is my second purchase after EDM.
MAD Minerals offers great varieties of Mineral Make-up. I just fell in love with their pigments that i instantly ordered their 20 mega sampler, eye base and foundation. phew! i shelled out around $60 dollars for these babies.. :) great thing the shipping isn't that expensive.

another great MMU find. :) i'm so crazy over Mineral eyeshadows or pigments. i don't know what to do with them all but i just gotta have them. :) tsk! tsk! This, indeed, is an addiction. For there are no reason... its just the feeling it brings.

this was suppose to be my first eyebase ever. but with the awful awful awful PO in PI, MAD has to ship another set for me that i got it nearly 2 months after. what a wait right?

it's very light in my opinion, lighter than painterly. but it did promise to be SMUDGE FREE and CREASE FREE. i will soon post eotd of me wearing this as base.

i also got theit 5g baggie of foundation. I do hope this will work for me. i'm dying to know how is the coverage.

set of pigment 1

set of pigment 2

set of pigments 3

set of pigment 4

i think this is a freebie. :)

gotta catch some zzzz. :)



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  1. WOW WOW WOW! Another haul!! You're one mmu addict! heheh will wait for more posts from you sis!

  2. i'm really hoping to maintain this site during school. :) but definitely will post eotds and fotds frequently.

    practice! practice! practice!

    i'm in no buy mode too. gotta save up for CC bills and the 28pc suesh brush. :)



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