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Ok, so y'all probably think i'm sick or doesn't stand by what i say... but what the heck i'm a bargain shoapholic! i can't let go of a sale (only on items i want).

I've been on a look out for a printed flats. so when i saw Oohwables Co. that carries a lot of great finds, I just couldn't resist (promise! i resist a lot!)! :) Myshoe shoe collection are on SALE! pairs are like $14 to $9.50 each pair!!

Y'all shoul visit Oohwables at her Cubao Expo store. It a great shop and Tricia, the owner is sooo nice. :) and so is her assistant. :)

Meet Bindi

love the zebra-ish print


and since i have a lot of neutral color tops... this is perfecto!!

love love love!


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5 fab comments

  1. waaah!, catching up to posts are overwhelming, nawala lang ako sandali 60 entries na ang kailangan kong basahin sa google reader!

    hay, if only i could rock ballet flats. pangit kasi paa ko.

  2. flats are totally my fave, sis. :) i bet you have yours. you are rockin those strappy espadrilles! :)

    i gaveup trying to ketchup! :) i just surf and see where it gets me. :) lol!

  3. cool flats! i don't wear flats 'cuz i like to appear taller. *heehee*

    hmm. i don't even own any flats! just tennis shoes and flip flops for the weekend or around the house.

  4. with all the walking i do, sis, i find that wearing flats is the way to go. I love love wearing flats to school. but during the regular school days and clubbing, i wearing stilettos, pumps, chunky shoes, etc. :)

    and i don't own any rubber shoes!! lol! i'm still on a look out. but i can't seem to shell out P4000 for a pair i'm not gonna use everyday. :)

  5. Hi Shen! :) Thanks for dropping by the shop and for shopping with us. haha. Hopefully I can be there on your third visit. We're actually the same in terms of rubber shoes. I don't own a pair also.


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