FOTD: Meet up with Tita Candy

Sorry, no pix with my Tita who is 3 years younger than me. :)

As usual, I find everyday a reason to put on make-up. :)

We were just meeting at Dulcinea, Rockwell and hunt for a nice dog carrier. 'Lo and Behold, it looks as if i was going to a party. I know y'all can relate. :)

this was taken hours hours later. :)

lookie how my e/s stayed... love UDPP

i used all kind of pigments i have but for life of me, i forgot the stuff i used!! argh.. but
i can remember usingShot the messenger on the inner v, Life is art along the crease. :) and oh, Black Gold from sassyminerals(distributor) or taylormade there in the US. :)

i used my current blush fave, Prettiest Pink Peach
Face is as usual. primer, foundation (wet appli), finpow
lips: used lumilips.. english rose i think

ok, ok, this blog is pretty much useless. but then again, i'm sure you'll find the colors here on your stash. :)

bear with moi!


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  1. everyday is makeup day! :) I love UDPP too! Thanks for the inspiring words. Your beauty, brains, and creativity are some things I want to emulate. :)

    I found Kona coffee at the imported goods section of our grocery/supermarket. My Dad actually asked me to buy this for him coz he loved the Kona coffee I gave as "pasalubong" for him before but I couldn't resist not drinking some too. :)

  2. indeed! a girl's day ain't complete without makeup! good for yah! lol. pretty neutrals! ;)

  3. i love those colors on you. very pretty. curious: doesn't it get hot and sticky over there? when i was in the P.I. last year, i only wore eyebrows and lip gloss. it was sooo hot..!!

  4. i guess, i'm just used to the heat. :) and yes, its really hot here esp this time of the year. :)

    thank God for UDPP, my eye make-up stays longer. and that's why i use mineral make-up so i won't damage my skin so much. :)


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