Bipolar Day and Lt. Purple Look

today, wednesday, is a bipolar day!

I slept around 6am, I don't know why... proly because i read all your blogs!! lol! and also ghost carting and fixing orders etc. etc. etc. i swear i can stay all day and night on the computer!

Of course when i woke up i immediately asked Ate Nora if a packaged arived coz I was expecting my Pure Luxe Eraser 10ml today. I won it from and couldn't wait to try it. :)

its another primer.. yes, i'm a sucker for primers because of my oily skin! :) It's nice not too wait so long for a product i really like. I've been eye-ing this baby since i started out with MMU. Finally, i got it and for the price, its totally worth it.

I was suppose to meet with a client's sister but i realized that my class starts @ 5pm. tsk! tsk! i feel so bad that i had to cancel.. Silly, silly me

what i hate was that we didn't hold class! my prof was absent... oh well, its a good and bad thing at the same time. at least there was a time for me to shop for the last few things i need for my DIY Brush Cleaner. :)

I'll be posting my very own tut on how to make your home made brush cleaner(HMBC). :)
Thanks to Nikki of Askmewhats and Sutil, i was able to complete the things i need for the HMBC because even if Koren's Vid was a big help, it could be a trial to get the "materials" needed.

I washed all the brushes today i got from Kapatid and all my other brushes I use all the time. They smell so great. :)

I'm dying to see my brand new barenatural's flattop brush tom!!!


MAC Painterly
MAC Beige-ing
SassyMinerals Knock-out - InnerLid to just below Crease
TSS - Bloom and Flourish - Inner V
Sassy Minerals Aisley- Crease

Sassy Chantilly - Highlight

Pure Luxe Eraser as Primer
Monave Angel Setting Powder
MAC Select Moisture Cover NC20
BareNaturals Neutral Medium Light
Ellana Espresso Con Panna FinPow

BareNaturals Viva Sofia (applied sparingly)

pacute mode

MAC Brave
Ellana Mineral Lipgloss in First Kiss

Haven't had dinner, i'll eat and post the HMBC tut! ;)
miss y'all!!


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  1. that such a pretty purple, looks great with your big brown eyes :)

  2. very pretty! you used both painterly and beige-ing? i only use one or the other, they're so thick!

  3. thanks, nic nic! you really look so young it that pic of yours. you remind me of my aunt when she was just a teenager. :) very pretty and faior, very much like you! :)

    (g)ezebel, keen eye you noticed. i was experimenting on this one. :) i just used the beige-ing on my inner lid. :) and i applied the painterly just thinly. :)

    hehehe!! :) i'm weird like that. :)

  4. i love purple. neato!yjcpggs


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