Huggies goes up to 50% OFF until 12.12 and Huggies Dry Pants Review

Dear Mommies,

I'm 7 years in this motherhood thing and still a lot of things surprise me and yes, I still do fail in so many things. I dreamt about being a mom who would never use a diaper but lo and behold, the convenience and comfort it brings just makes our daily journey easier. Yes, I consider wading through this motherhood like an adventure.

From time to time and the fact that this "job" allows me to try a lot of things, I can't help but be amazed at how great diapers have been the past decade. I remember getting this experiment from the Huggies team and tried it out.


Dry X-pert Channel Technology

Distributes wiwi 4 ways across the pad for fast absorption, keeping the baby’s bottom dry and comfortable. It shows in the picture I posted how filled the Huggies pants are and that because, the brand x is already full while Huggies diaper still had room to absorb more wiwi. 

Xtra flexible

As you can see, the Huggies pants expand and that helps with the comfort and it's not "lawlaw" or dragging. 

Diaper rash no more

This is probably the reason why a lot of moms do stick with a brand of diapers. The moment our baby doesn't react to the diaper, even if it leaks or lawlaw, we stick to it. But I'm glad that with Huggies no allergic reaction, no rashes formed even when we leave the diaper overnight.

100% Breathable Cover

Not only is the diaper design cute but the cotton-like material allows for ventilation that doesn't cause the kulob feel. We love Huggies a lot!

As a mom, I just really try my best to give the best to my babies. I often feel bad when I have to choose a mediocre brand and compromise a few things. But I'm also practical, when budget permits, I make sure to spend on the good stuff, and finding the best deals on them is where my smarts have to show. 

And I'm all for saving money when it comes to consumables like diaper so I wait for sale patiently and hoard away. Get up to 50% off on Huggies products on December 2 and on December 12 on Shopee (where else, right?). Hoard away and continue to keep your family safe from all the viruses as you shop safely on Huggies' official Shopee store

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