Hello Panda Memories I'm Creating with the kids and how to get them fast!

I only have good memories when I see Hello Panda. Even the saddest ones turn good when I get a hold of this yummy biscuit filled with chocolate inside. I remember seeing these in groceries and my mom was trying her best to only the essentials. But for that day, she gave in and bought me one. Since then, my mom and I have associated Hello Panda as a reward for me. Even now seeing it in the groceries, I pick it when I know my kids did well in school.

Of course! I got them the Hello Panda Holiday Exclusive Assortment of 3 Flavours. Imagine getting to choose from chocolate, milk, and strawberry-filled crunchy biscuit shells. Yum!

Truly made my loves so happy when I gave them a pack of their own!

So cute, right? 

The Happy Holidays Box contains 10 packs. Consider this a fun way of adding more gifts under the Christmas tree. 

More fun facts about Hello Panda:

  • First released in Japan in 1979; One of Meiji's most-loved, best-selling brands
  • Contains 4 foil bags of Chocolate Flavor (26g each), 3 foil bags of Strawberry Flavor (26g each), and 3 foil bags of Milk Flavor (26g each)
  • Crunchy shell with a soft flavorful inside and great for snacks.
  • Check out the Meiji Hello Panda Assorted Box 260g on Shopee.

And speaking of Christmas, nice Christmas stuffers are these Meijo Almond Black and Fran
I'm not much an almond lover in this rawest form (I enjoy it more as milk) but I know many friends and family of mine who love this treat!

Fast becoming my favorite is the Fran Original Chocolat. It's hard to imagine this is a Japanese snack 

What I noticed though is that Meiji Chocolates at Grand Dragon Shopee is that they have EXPRESS SHIPPING which is a nice option especially for food items. I love this! Get your snacks in 2-3 days. Available only to Metro Manila and selected parts of Luzon. Taking a trip to the grocery has been such a chore and I love how easy it is to purchase these treats from Shopee. Click the links above to be directed and shop away!

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