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Caring for your Skin! Johnson & Johnson Philippines wants to give you a one-of-a-kind shopper experience in time for Christmas! From the latest gaming consoles to holy grail beauty items, Christmas in our Carts is the perfect gift guide to help you get a headstart on your Christmas shopping. Get up 90% off on your favorite brands from September 16 - December 25

Sharing with you some of my favorite Johnson & Johnson products that would surely be checked out from my carts this Holiday season!

A staple for my kids' bath essentials. This shampoo is proven to make bathtime better. No tears mean no hating the water. And the smell is just so nice!

Not for the kids but more for me. I can't shake away the tradition in our family that a baby powder is a must in our bags and powdering ourselves right after bathing. When they say it's like a baby powder smell - this is what they are talking about.

Neutrogena Body Oil

Now that the aircon is practically 24/7, the dryness that my body is experiencing augmented and I don't want my skin to suffer but the lotions seemed a little too sticky. SO, I go to my trusted - best seller, Neutrogena Body Oil.

Another skin relief product that I enjoy is the Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash. This by far is the best solution for my dry and aging skin. It gives immediate results and relief. 

And because "budol" is such behavior right now, a quick look at the J&J Shopee shop had me checking out more products from the brand. Took a lot of strength not to check out the skin care but good lor', it was tempting! 
Neutrogena® Rainbath® Shower and Bath Gel cleans, softens and conditions skin without a heavy leave-behind residue. Your skin is left in better condition - feeling softer, smoother and renewed. The fragrant blend of spices, fruits and herbs provides a clean burst that awakens your senses and refreshes your entire body.
Neutrogena Rainbath Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash softens and conditions skin while removing 99%* bacteria. With its unique fragrance blend of mandarin, rose and peach, Rainbath® works to renew the look of your skin as the rich lather rinses hands clean. Your skin is left feeling softer, smoother, and clean. 

Join the shopping frenzy and let's enjoy the good deals Shopee has for us, visit Shoppe Christmas in our Carts and check out other promos from your favorite brands!

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