I officially am on board as a copywriter today! Yes, this momma is no longer a stay-at-home but officially a work-at-home-momma! I'm excited to work again since the last few years have officially been a mommy-centric life for me. I'm grateful for the chance to use my skills and polish them. 2019 is definitely focusing on my career goals but always of course, putting my family first. That's why I'm happy that work now for women are so much flexible and we have options to find work at the comforts of home.

And with that, I am now part of 15/30 Payday Club! I'm super excited to receive my first paycheck in 2 weeks time! This definitely reminds me of days I use to save coupons and sale posts from my favorite brands. I even mark it on my calendar so I can immediately buy them. 

But now we have Shopee that's got everything we could ever want! I dare you to think of something to buy right now, on top of your head. 99% sure, Shopee has it!

ANd the icing on the cake is that they alwasy have sale "pakulos". I mean, hello at practically giving stuff away! On a Payday! How do earn, Shopee. Srsly?!?

There's the FREE SHIPPING PROMOS. You just have to check the vouchers and save them to your account. 

90% OFF ACROSS ALL CATEGORIES - Check your carts because your wishes might just be on a discount now.


Shopee is diligent in reminding this when your notification is ON, ut just to be sure, check on your mails to see which tiemslots has the best value for your money.

Catch your favorite celebrity as they host the Shopee Quiz starting Janury 15 to 17!

Be on the look out for BIGGER COIN POOL for Shopee Shake on Janury 16!

If you're wondering, here are some of my picks for this SHOPEE PAYDAY SALE.

This NEW YEAR is all about change and one of which I want to be significant is my weight.
So I looked up for the cheapest stationary bike I could find and Shopee did not fail me! A stationary bike for only less than P2000!

I've been eyeing this pair of earrings for so long so carting this now during the SHOPEE PAYDAY SALE.

Mommies I know loves MommyPoko so I guess this is a great time to try this brand out.

The NEW Maybelline SuperStay Matte In City Edition Lipstick shades are so nice! I already have Dancer and Transformer, checking out Founder and Ground Breaker this time.

Suede High Heels are so versatile, and now that I'm working and need to attend meetings from time to time, I'm treating myself to a new pair to match my attires.

Hurry and shop! This event is only from January 15 to 17, 2019!

You can find all of these and so much more at
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