Making The Best Christmas With What I Got!

I distinctly remember a time when me and my mlm used to wade through the sidewalk of Cubao where a row of pawshops are found. She was clutching her bag tightly. We entered a pawnshop us and she lined up in the part that said “Sangla” while I stood beside her. When it was our turn, she took out a couple of gold bracelets I remember her wearing proudly a few times then and gave it to the lady behind the glass with steel bars. Patiently, she waited for the lady to inspect her bracelets. I couldn’t hear what they were whispering about but in the end, the lady gave her money.

That money, I learned she used to pay for our bills, for my tuition fee, for a pari of donuts and juice in a nearby bakeshop and more. This did not end until she got enough money to start her own bussiness. That business gave us the best life and the best people. When she passed away that business took care of me and now I own my home and my own car.

It was one of the hardest times then for mom. And if she were alive today, she’d probably get mad at me for sharing this. But instead of shame, I would tell her that though she did not get those bracelets back, she got a daughter with a life well-established and a good life that were more important that anY gold jewelries combined. Those times made both of us stronger and made us value each other more.

Also when we left that shop hurriedly, in my mind was, how do you pronounce “Lhullier”? 

I’m sharing this because I recently got to try my hand at pawning a few jewelries and it really brought me back. It’s the Holidays and I wanted to make sure that we have enough. I wanted to make Christmas great for my small family.

But I realised that pawning is not the same. I went to a few pawnshops and I found out that Cebuana Lhullier provides the best and highest rates out of all the ones I went to. With how nice the jewelries I was pawning, I wanted to ensure I was getting the best rates. And I’m sure that you out there who thought of the same wants to get more out of your precious items.

I didn’t feel shame doing this because as I was lining up there are others doing the same, if only to get by or to make use of things that just sitting idly in their homes. 

The interest rates were low, too. --- THE BEST PART OF THIS EXPERIENCE!

Cebuana Lhullier was higher by P200 and only took 300 as initial percentage for the whole pawning. I got more than what I expected and the whole amount of P7,500 got me to buy two weeks worth of groceries and gifts. Part of which also went to a charitable cause. Not bad for jewelries we didn’t plan on using.

Th process is pretty simple. As simple as I remember it back in the day. Cebuana Lhullier uses a technique safe for your jewelries that tests if what you are pawning are authentic jewelries. Then they will appraise it. Appraisal are nationwide and are kept in a database so you can pay your interests at any branch! Cool, right?

Don't forget provide a valid ID!

Form will have to be filled up with your information. Be sure to sign up with them for faster process in the future.

These plastics will have to be signed by you for authenticity and safekeeping. Cebuana Lhullier has the safest and the best security so you know your jewelries are in safe hands.

A lot of the workers in Cebuana Lhullier have been with them for decades and for that I think it says a lot about the company. The process is simple, easy and it allowed to get instant cash with the things I own. I didn't feel I had to beg for money from anyone. 

This whole experience thought to properly invest when I have money because you never know when hard times will strike. I grew up not entirely destitute and that’s because my mother was wise enough to buy things with value that enabled her to turn them into money as fast as possible. I was glad I got these jewelries at a lowest prize when it was sold to me that I was able to turn them back into money when I needed instead of having to borrow money. 

If you ever are thinking of pawning your jewelries, I only recommend that you do it at Cebuana Lhullier, they’ve been around since 1953 and have had great track record at keeping your pawns safe. They have the highest appraisal rate as I have proven and have the widest and largest number of pawnshops in the country.

A video of me pawning will be up real soon. This yaya-less life has had my hands tied in a mountain of chores. One of the reason why I had to pawn items because I wasn’t able to work properly and earn money myself. I’m grateful for my husband who continuously supporting me but since I also wanted extra money to use for myself, I was glad that Cebuana is here to help me make money out of the things that are just kept at our home.

Next year, when I get to start working again, I can’t wait to get these jewelries back. For now, I’m making the most of it with an awesome Christmas spread that my family and I can enjoy.

What lengths have you gone through for your family? Share them here with me!

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  1. This is so beautifully written may pa-inspire effect pa. My lola pawned her earrings too to pay for my expenses related to a school competition 2 decades ago coz the school didn't sponsor my accommodations. I won in the national level and was able to get scholarships for college because of what my lola did. Thanks to Cebuana Lhuillier.

    Oh, and we were able to pay back for my lola's earrings courtesy of my prize money. So yey!


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