STI: Getting your kids life-ready and employment-ready

We know that simply graduating from a college or university is not enough to ensure our children’s future. Life is simply too harsh, too competitive, too tough. We need to give our kids the best chance to succeed in and be secure, physically, mentally, even financially. 

This is where, I believe, we need to give our children a complete education. By complete, I mean an education that not only builds them up as a person--with intelligence, good health, good values--but also provides them with future career opportunities.

After looking for a school that provides all that, I now believe I’ve found it in STI. Why? Because STI is the only school with and E2E or enrolment to employment system. 

Updated, job-ready curriculum

STI makes sure that all the lessons, all the skills and learnings that their graduates acquire are relevant and needed in the jobs they will eventually take. The curriculum content is designed to meet the needs of the job-market, the companies that will eventually hire STI graduates. 

Top-notch facilities

The faculty members and facilities in the entire STI network of colleges and private schools across the entire country are all top-notch. Teachers are highly-qualified and on-campus facilities are state-of-the-art. The standard course content and methods of teaching are world-class. 

Best OJTs

STI partners with the most reputable companies and corporations to give the best on-the-job training to its students. This way, they are exposed to real-life work environments, conditions, and challenges. When they go out into the real world, STI graduates are high-qualified for the jobs they apply for--and companies know this.

Job Placement

After graduation, STI does not leave its graduates to fend for themselves. STI has a Job Placement Assistance program that helps graduates find employment. This is done through STI’s  Interactive - Career Assistance Recruitment System (I-CARES) and international placement agencies like GROW, INC.  

It’s so reassuring for a mom like me to know that my child would be getting so much learning, so much support from STI.  Best of all, an STI education--even though it is a private school education--is not costly. 

At the very least, I think it would be a good idea for more parents to ask and learn more about an STI education. 

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