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I grew up near Uratex branch and when my mom and dad were building our house, Uratex is a place they frequent for all their foam supply needs. So imagine my surprise that this brand is already 50 years old! From humble beginnings rose a company that is fully-owned by hardworking Filipinos have found their way in to every home of their countrymen. 

Uratex actually started far off from creating plush beds. But as most stories go, an opportunity should not go wasted and that is why 50 years later, everyone knows the name Uratex.

I got a chance to check out their premium line that boasted global quality Premium beds. Creating lines such different typesof private labels, Premium Touch, Senso Memory, Ortho care and Serenity.

I got a chance to check these out during a fun and sexy yet relaxing afternoon at the home of none-other-than the KWEEN Tessa Prieto-Valdez. Her home was lavished in all the kinds of beds from Uratex Premium line. Some of which I got a chance to try and they were divine!

The Premium Touch is soft as a cloud yet firm.

Discover world-class, luxury sleep with the Premium Touch Sublime Mattress. Specially crafted using two layers of individually wrapped pocket coil springs that intelligently conform to the movement of your body, minimizing turning and tossing during the night.
Its top comfort layers consist of natural latex and memory foam that help relieve pressure points and back pains. Treated with Sanitized® that effectively protects against growth of bacteria, odour, mildew, and dust mites. It also uses premium knitted fabric from Tencel, whisking away moisture for a cool effect.

Senso Memory 

Revel in a Refreshingly Cool Sleep with the Senso Memory Ultima by Uratex Premium Mattress. Formulated with Hydragel® technology, its premium memory foam is infused with gel beads which absorb heat and provide optimal airflow. It has been proven to lower body temperature by up to 2ºC than those of a traditional memory foam, helping you to fall asleep faster. Specially designed with extra plush comfort layers, it delivers exceptional pressure relief that helps you fall asleep faster. As a feature, Sanitized® treatment is applied to safeguard against growth of bacteria, odour, mildew, and dust mites.

The evening was a celebration of 50 years of Uratex! With taht Uratex is pledging donate beds in hospitals this year all over the Philippines! What a way to give back, right?

It's also good to note that Uratex has 10 year warranty on every bed they offer. So I highly encourage you to check out Uratex Premium beds today. After all, bed weather has come upon us. What better way to enjoy a new plush bed but today. 

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