Why You Should Invest in Kitchen Appliances on your Healthy-Eating Journey.

I won’t pass up a chance to learn from Ms. Nadine Tengco about healthy eating. That’s because she has always been true to what she says and the fact that she was able to change my life twice. Once when in 2011 and then last year when I suffered decided to become serious with my health again. All of which was a success in results!


I have to admit that committing to a health diet isn’t easy. And I’m not the only one who shares this problem. It’s so much easier to get take-out food, to rely on recipes we’ve known for a long time and to just take out a pan and oil on your generic gas stove. There has got to be a way to get out of that hump and give my body what it truly deserves!

After seeing the Hacker Showroom where they held a workshop and cook-off for Centruy Tuna Super Bods Challenge, it showed me how easy it would lead a healthy lifestyle by investing in great kitchen appliances, to take advantage of technology and upgrade the lifestyle I have. Yes, it can get expensive but if you can afford it, you deserve it!

And I know because I own a few of the appliances showed off in this competition. And how easy it is to live a lifestyle that is healthier when you have these in your kitchen. The change doesn’t have to be drastic, re-evaluate your life and see where you think you could benefit more initially. 

For me, it was a juicer and a high-speed blender. Drinking vegetable juices really changed my body. The more juices I drank, the better my body got. It’s a great way to give the body the jolt of nutrients it needs especially when you’re just starting out with your clean-eating journey. Continuously drinking and swapping this in exchange for your usually snacks gives you more energy! It’s also amazing how fast juices work for the body! And with that you need a juicer that can keep up with you and will really squeeze the goodness of every veggie and fruit.

We also couldn’t get over the super sexy Philips Air Fryer! No oil cooking means guilt-free and better tasting food. You get to enjoy the flavour of your protein and herbs and get to know their flavours without unhealthy unnecessary enhancers.

Running my hands through some of the Mabe Appliances in the room made me think of how carefully-designed these machines are. They are elegant and timeless and yet incredibly functional. I could see myself preparing the most glorious meals for my family on it. More so when I learned that Mabe holds the same standards as the old-time family family brand, GE Appliances. 

Ariston on the other hand is “second-to-none engineering much like the great Italian masterpieces. Look closely at the appliance from Ariston and you will see seamless craftsmanship (of course, they're made in Italy!).  Performance is A1 which enables you to cook your own culinary masterpiece." 

It’s an understatement to say these things will simply get things done. Each unit is designed not only to simplify but elevate your lifestyle. Not only is it easier to achieve a Superbod body, but also to maintain it and also encourage it for all the people you love.

Healthy eating is all about determination. Last year was definitely my move and I encourage everyone to do the same before it is too late. You don’t want to be taking meds along changing your life! Let’s be inspired with all the ladies and gents of Century Tune Super Bods who are a success in living a healthier lifestyle.

It’s also amazing how choosing Century Tuna already jumpstarts your diet! It’s one of the yummiest and inexpensive food you can find anywhere!

When it comes to healthy eating, it’s really not about depriving yourself with good food, it’s all about educating yourself about the food you need to eat. Nadine emphasizes on Nutrient-densed diet. Choosing food that has lasting effect for your energy, ones that controls and helps with bloating, eating portions that our body can properly digest and still indulging in great flavours!

    • Herb Infused Water - lemongrass and pandas mixed with citrus juices
    • Anti-bloat Herbs and Spices - peppermint leaves, spinach, parsely, basil, turmeric
    • Carminative - bergamot, chamomile, peppermint
    • Choleretic and cholagogue  for detoxification- lemongrass, tarragon, basil and ginger
    • Anti-bloat vegetable - chayote, green papaya and upo.
    • Anti-bloat fruits - honeydew, melon, papaya
    • Omega 3 - Salmon, Tuna

This was evident in all the meals/drinks that were prepared by the contestants of Century Tuna Superbods. But what is more evident is that skills isn’t a requirement to start eating healthy. With the kitchen appliances (MABE, GE, Ariston and Philips) used by the contests, a few of them having only amateur skills in cooking, they were able to accomplish creating healthy meals and drinks. They also did this in a short period of time which clearly showcased how important it is to have the best machines on your side. If you can shell out tens and thousands for your laptops and phones, why not for a good set of gas range and oven to help make it easier for you to start eating right? Your body after all is ultimately the machine that you need to care for!

Seeing these machines work in real life, in seeing and tasting the results got me pumping in investing for them! 

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