Landers Superstore Opens at Alabang!

Landers has surely outdone itself with the opening of their latest stoe at Alabang West last March 14, 2018. I reckon that they were the major cause for traffic that day with people all over South coming over to check out the sales and deals they have! And rightly so because our press visit did prove that a day at Landers meant a well-spent day.

I can never get over how beautiful Landers is. It's not your run-off-the-mill memebership supermarket. In it is a posh cafe with comfortable seats, plush booths and loads and loads of sitting areas to accommodate their growing volume of customers daily. Interiors are well-designed including the bakery and restaurant. Their customer service area has plush seats, too and priority to PWD, Senior Citizen and Pregnant Women.

Getting a New York Pizza? Feel the vibe at this NY Subway-inspired resto.

I kid you not when I say that Landers is spacious

It's currently half off on their membership. Only P400 to be a Premium Member of Landers! If you're into bulk shopping, buying things that aren't in your neighborhood grocery, or just looking for great discounted deals then your P400 will go a looooong way!

Here are the other 

750 Grams Nutella at P315.75? Yes, please!

Firm Queen Size Pillows at P349.75

I have these Allerease Naturals Organix Pillow in Jumbo and they are true to their claims, I barely have allergic rhinitis now when we switched to this kind of pillow! 2 for P999.75

Loads of fabulous kitchen utensils. The OXO brand creates ingenious utensils for the kitchen and for babies, too! So glad to see this in the aisles of Landers. 

Isn't this cookware such a beauty? Only P2,24975 for the whole 8 piece set!

Landers also offer a lot of decors.

But my eyes wandered to the Ziplock aisle. I'm giving birth soon and one of the things I needed to do is to secure my baby's items in ziplock for hygienic purposes and for everything to be easily accessible for whoever will go through my bags. I can't have my husband getting all freaked out looking for booties and mittens. I find this system to be easier and cleaner, too!

With my excitement, I failed to see that one item I got was a Buy 1 Take 1, I have to take the team of Landers to get my free box of storage bag. Love the honesty in this store!

The crafter in me itched to get the Ottlite Led Lamp with built in pen container but I had to focus on what I needed for when I give birth. 

This Sunrise 4-tier Rolling Chart sure is a bargain at P2,399.75!

Of course I hoarded on the Kirkland wipes! P150 for 100 pulls? What a bargain!

And then I lost my mind at the Swiffer lane! This brand was a life changer! 

Since having a baby, I always always want my floors clean esp in the bed room. Like a true Asian that I am, our rule is always, no slippers at home. I used to maintain two huge mops at home for through cleaning and it alway broke on me. Now I only maintain a swiffer and buy the refills. I also got the Wet Jet this time which is hella easier to control and navigate on any kind of floor.

I also only find Swiffer at Landers! 

I regreaat not getting the Swiffer 3 in 1! It ahs the Sweeper Wet+Dry and Dusters.

There are more bargains, buy one take ones, and discounts all over Landers. I didn't even get to the produce and food area because I can't indulge in too much food right now. I can't wait to go back after I recoup fro giving birth and stocking our pantry with all the good finds I'll see at Landers.

I think I find a new home at Landers Alabang!

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