How to Accessorise this Summer

With summer getting kickstarted you’ll surely be thinking about how to best get ready for the warmer weather and sunnier days. If you already have the perfect summer outfit in mind, then I’m here to help you make it even better with some tips and ideas for accessorising this summertime.


Earrings are a classic staple of accessorising for a reason, they can make or break an outfit and raise an ensemble from being just okay to standout. The current trend in big chunky earrings is set to continue into the summer, but you can help make your outfit really pop by choosing some striking designs in vibrant colours. Adding complex shapes and primary colours will help add some longevity to your winter outfit as well, extending its life well into those, sometimes still chilly, summer days.


If you’re anything like me you already have a varied selection of handbags to go with every outfit or occasion, but I’m sure you don’t have a bag in this emerging style. Throwback fashion has dug a little deeper into the recesses of the past and brought back something that you never thought would be stylish or good looking, the rattan bags! These tiny bags will make you nostalgic, but you’d be surprised at how great they can make your summer outfit look. Despite any reservations you might have, these little native bags are well worth the plunge and once you’ve added one to your summer repertoire you won’t regret it.


Belts are a big deal at the moment and they are a great opportunity to add a huge statement to your spring outfit. Big, bold chunky belts can make an otherwise muted outfit really stand out and small vibrant belts can add a bit of colour without distracting from the overall look. Belts are also a great way to add a little definition to your waist, especially if you’re wearing something billowy or thick on the colder days.


Since the sun has finally popped out for a visit you might occasionally be in the need of some sunglasses, and another occasion to add a bit of variety or style to your outfit. Small delicate sunglasses have returned to vogue and are a great subdued way to complement your outfit and look. If you’d like to make a bigger statement with your shades, you could try something larger in vibrant colours like cobalt blue.


Spring can be an awkward time when it comes to headwear, especially since it’s generally too warm for heavy knitted hats but sometimes too cold to go bareheaded. Berets and bucket hats are a great way to keep in a little heat, while also looking great in the process. Try and find a colour that complements your overcoat to really tie your whole look together.

There we have it, a few ideas to help you accessorise and create a fiercely stylish outfit for this Summer. You can find lots of great options for accessorising online, if you have a little dig around you’ll be sure to find something to finish out your outfit. You could also check out Groupon's special New Look codes for some great savings.

Let me know what other styles you want to rock this Summer! You know you are always my inspiration!

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