Bambini Baby Cologne Love and A Letter to Our first born Bambina

We cling to the time that our babies remain babies but once the "amoy araw" sets in... we have to accept that our babies are growing up. Just this afternoon, my daughter came home from her Moving Up Ceremony practice smelling amoy araw. Juskolord! Ang sakit tanggapin that my cherub of a baby girl is indeed moving and growing up. Rightly so now that she needs me less to take care of her.

I sometimes feel I'm not enough for her. Seeing Claud being so independent lately makes me feel proud and sad at the same time! 😖 With a new baby coming our way, I've been trying my hardest to spend more time with her and just cling on to her baby years. As a parent, we can only hope that we are at our best and doing our best when it comes to our children. I live for the moments that we get to cuddle, to play together and spend time together. Every moment I get to spend with her, I relish. Every chance I get na panggiggilan siya, I'll take it. 

I read this somewhere... "The nights are long but the years are short." It's happening to me. I'm astounded by the fact that my first born is growing up so fast.

It's a good thing that I have the whole collection of Bambini Baby Colognes to bring back the amoy baby feels with Claud!  So after I changed Claud to her comfortable pambahay clothes, I chose my favorite Bambini Baby Cologne in Morning Tickles freshen up my hyperactive little big baby. And in an instant gusto ko na siya ulit yakapin. LOL! I love that the scent stays on longer than regular colognes.

Bambini means babies in Italian and it couldn't be a more appropriate name for a brand who brings refreshing scents to us mommies and our little bambini. It's nice that even if my children get older, a whiff of these scents will always remind of their baby/toddler times. 

And since Bambini come in cute 25mls, I can tuck this inside her backpack so I can make sure she smells like a baby all day. This is probably what got me with the whole collection coz of the convenience of being able to freshen through out the day!

And who doesn't love the packaging and design. The mom and baby animals always gets me and Claud gushing, not to mention that it also becomes a teaching tool for me to tell her the names of baby animals.

Claud also calls the different sizes Daddy, Mommy and Claudey. How cute, right? She also imitates the animals sound on the cologne

I just love the smell of Bambini Baby Colognes that I use them myself. My favorite on me is Ocean Kisses. Lakas maka-bagets! It's fresh out of bathroom experience everytime! Of course, if my baby girl can still smell like a baby then I think I can, too! Hehe! It's been our ritual to apply cologne on each other in the morning before she heads out to school. Can't believe she's going to be in kindergarten next year. 

I wrote my baby girl, Claud, a letter. It's a little something that I would like to share with her because I know that the days ahead will be so different from the past three years. 

Dear Claud, 
Malapit na dumating si Baby Sharkie sa buhay natin. Everyday, I feel that you are getting ready to take the position of being a big sister from an only child. I know deep inside it will be hard to share mommy and daddy but I know that you're also excited as we are for your new sibling. Already you have shown us how eager you are to be a big sister every time you see a baby. You are the most congenial little girl I know. You have no apprehension making friends, approaching people and just being your jolly self.  
I see you growing up and I see a perfect little girl. You have exceeded so much of my expectations and I am so proud of you. Kahit minsan ang kulit-kulit mo at ang pilya-pilya mo, I know this is jsut because you are curious and you are having a great time. Thank you for always catching my attention when mommy gets so busy. Because truly I would rather spend gigil and cuddly moments with you. I love you stealing kisses and demanding hugs from. Never stop doing that, ha?  
We hope that we were able to make you feel how important you are to us the past few months and how we will always strive to give you and baby sharkie all the time we can. 
 To me and your daddy, you will always be our little princess. You make everything bright and everything right. We love you so much! 
Mommy and Daddy

Bambini Baby Colognes come in 5 generous variants! Morning Tickles, Sunny Playtime, Ocean Kisses, Starry Lullaby and Cotton Cuddles. In 125ml, 50ml and the cutest 25ml.

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