Unboxing | Stars Wars Storm Trooper Leader from Anotoys.com

It's not everyday tht you would see a feature on toys like this on my site. And that's because this one is fairly recent addiction. I met a few friends who are really into collecting limited edition toys and introduced me to the world of 1/6th toy collection. They liked Marvel and DC's while I warmed to Star Wars. What I didn't realize is what a big world it is! I was writing this blog post while waiting for my daughter and a mom beside me noticed these photos and told me that her husband collects toys, too! It won't be a surprised that the person next to you is a collector.

I really didn't know much about toy collection but what I know now showed me that it's as easy as buying at my usual online site. I got my very first 1/6 size Star Wars First Order Storm Trooper through a website, Anotoys.com. It's not your run-off-the-mill website. 

Anotoys is a Philippine-based website that will cater to toy collectors and will be selling a lot of limited edition toys like Hot Toys and Sideshows. Being avid collectors themselves, they wanted to make collecting as easy and as fast as possible especially in the Philippines. I realized that this is a serious business and there are a lot of unscrupulous people who takes advantage of people who are very passionate about this. Well if it happens in the beauty world, I'm not surprised if it happens in toy collecting world, too.


Anotoys.com want to rid of the stigma of buying online by ensuring the quality and authenticity of each items. It's one of the main reason for putting out the website in the first place. 


Next is speed. There are so many toys available but it's hard to get your hands on them. No more months on end pre-orders. Anotoys have pre-order procedure that is as easy as buying the items.

Payment options

I love that I get to enjoy any kind of payment that is available for typical online shopping. Anotoys.com accepts the following:

   Credit and Debit Card Payments (Paypal)
   Online Banking (Paynamics)
   Over-the-counter bank transaction (paynamics)
   Non-bank Transactions (Cebuana, Palawan etc.)
   Installment payment (BDO)(coming soon)
   Cash-on-Delivery (via Airspeed or LBC integrated)
   Layaway (coming soon!)


With so many brand avilable in one site, it gives a lot of options to choose from. 

I can't believe that I am here right now with a beautiful Storm Trooper figure! 😊😊😊

I plan on giving the husband an IronMan and a Batman for Christmas but I am still learning the rope of what is best to start collecting. I love that Anotoys makes it so easy for me to choose. And it's really just with one click that I get to have my hero at home!

Mommas out there, if you are looking for something extra special to give to your husbands , girlsfriends to their boyfriends, go visit Anotoys.com and surprise your man with his favorite heroes!

This toy, though is not a child's toys, really brought the little girl in me that wowed the moment I saw their marching formation on Star Wars movie. I remember going to museums and looking at these through a hard cold glass. I remember my eyes growing bigger everytime I see someone wearing this very uniform at an event. There's something so special having this at home. It gives the same feeling as I have when I get a new limited editiong lipstick. But I have to admit that this Storm Trooper is a little more exciting to me right now. It's probably because I truly loove the Star Wars franchise. 

As a woman, I feel that I

Isn't he/she so good-looking? In my head, this Storm Trooper is a female. Hihihi!

Get this for only Php7,999.000.

My favorite Star Wars character in Return of the Jedi, Boba Fett. Will definitely drop a hint to husband so he can get me this. Hihihi!

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