I Found Out How OPPO Phones are Made and TESTED! 😱🙌😱🙌😱

The moment I laid my hands on my OPPO F3 Black, I knew I had a something different in my hands. I've not particularly an android fan but OPPO F3 has a seamless design and easy-to-navigate interface PLUS a bangin' camera that I found myself preferring to use it from my iPhone 6 plus. And it only costs P15,999!

But that's not the end of it. I was privileged enough to be chosen to check out OPPO's factory in Shenzhen, China and see for myself how these smartphones are made and to learn about it's history and plans for the future. And guys, the future is quite bright for us!

OPPO opened their doors to their world of innovations. I admit that I didn't really know what to expect. I'm not tech blogger and have no idea how to share these with you except through my experiences and own words.

Firt off, the factory does not look like a factory at all. Lush greens are everywhere. Grass, trees and abundant plants. The building looked well-designed and maintained. The lobby is simple, clean and we enjoyed the huge OPPO sign and practice our selfie game there. They value hygiene so we were required to wear lab coats, cover our shoes and wear sanitized hats. Everything is spot-less!

Here's a video of the whole trip and below you can check out the photos of the Assembly line and QE Labs courtesy of OPPO China.

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Here I am with Jekki, Anj, KC, Jozza and Rick.

Inside we gained access to three sections of the campus. The Smartphone Assembly Line where the parts of the phones are put together and also tested for QA purposes. Second is the QE Lab where they perform tests on units before actual mass production. And the SMT Lab where they make the motherboards.

Assembly Line

They follow strict guidelines here so photos and videos weren't allowed in our group. But seeing how the phones were built was sooooo amaziing! They make 40,000 units a day! That's a huge number considering the effort needed for it. I'm just totally impressed. Everyone wore the same lab coats as we did and there are strict guidelines each employee has to follow in their stations.


Seeing the phones dropped 1 meter height to the floor sideways, front and back inside a cabinet and jiggling all over inside an apparatus were enough to give us tiny heart attacks. But this was enough to convince me that I should get an OPPO F3 Plus (just because I already have OPPO F3, hehehe!)


My sound recording recorded the drops being made by this machine and believe me, it was unnerving. You can really here the thud! But seeing the phone survived and was still functional wowed all of us. All day, the phones are dropped at least a thousand times!


Here phones are tested to checked if it will bend. They simulate actions that as if your phones are in your back and front pocket. Because we do know instances wherein phones got bent.

Same thing are done here but the OPPO phones are being twisted!
Our hearts stopped seeing this test done.

A certain batch of phones will not be produced if a unit did not perform well inside this QE Lab. All NEW units (whether current design or to be released) go through rigorous testing before it is approved for reproduction.


Units are tested for chemical reaction from household items like dishwashing liquid, soaps, lotion and yes, even lipstik and makeup! And yes, our OPPO are cosmetic-proof!

They test one phone a day. 42,000 times. These phones are collateral damage as they the basis for the batches of production. Any units that fail, they will not reproduce it and study where it got damage and learn from it. 

Did you know that a power button is pressed 50,000 times inside this lab? When the phones come out functioning, that just simulated you using the power button for 6 years!

Rain Test shows also if the phones are water-proof. For 10 minutes these test units will be exposed to rain and moisture to see if they will still function afterwards. Not that they recommend you drop yor phones in a tub but this test shows you OPPO phones can withstand a little exposure to water.

Cameras are tested for clarity and screens for pixelations.

Color and prism tests are done. Flash are also tested.

Environmental tests also are done to see if the phones still functions in different degrees of climates. This shows that a phone should still function at any country with different celsius. 

To see the people that worked painstakingly on the phones, testing all its functionality and assuring that it's of quality humanizes the gadget for me. The dedication and hard work these people goes through in a day repetitively is admirable. I truly have renewed respect for the workforce and makes me all the more appreciative of my phones.

Being up close and personal with these things and seeing how these tests are to simulate our daily activities and and see that i can withstand any kind of lifestyle matter so much. These alone warrant me buying Oppo phones. I admit that I clumsily dropped my OPPO F3 a couple of times during this trip and believe me, it didn't budge an inch!

SMT Technology

The SMT area also showed us the technology that creates the motherboard. I'm not learned enough to understand these things but what I took is that this large room contains the best machines to produce motherboards. It's a process that needs less human intervention. Please do watch my video! I have better visuals there. 

It was quite exciting to see how a complicated motherboard is made!

That concludes the end of our trip to the OPPO Factory. It wasn't long after we traveled to OPPO HQ to check out their nature-inspired offices.

ShenZhen, at least the parts I've seen is a beautiful province. It pretty much look like BGC tenfold. It's unbelievable that it's a very young province because of its progress. In one of it's business district is where OPPO Headquarters can be found. This is also the area that other big china bran HQ's are located.

The streets are so clean and it's so quiet during work hours.

Welcome to the OPPO Hedquarters. I took mostly videos here so again, please do watch my vlog about it!

OPPO Headquarters have 4 floors. They have built in stairs for easier access to their offices and it was deisnged with white and green puzzle pieces. There were were white puzzles on the walls and the green looked to be completing the whole puzzle which got me thinking that OPPO's mission is to complete the lives of every people with their innovations.

Office walls are painted white, yellow and green to evoke peaceful dispositions. Very OPPO colors. There are a lot of plants as OPPO wants to bring in nature in a very tech environment. The canteen are spacious and they have recreational rooms to be conducive for creativity and relaxation. They have people all over the world working on designs, management and branding. They foster teamwork and you can definitely feel they all work like a well-oiled machine.

We were given VIP passes to see this space! Woot!

The view from one their terrace. My favorite spot for sure at OPPO offices as it overlooks Shenzhen and Hongkong Bay. Seemingly melding nature with technological advancement. The very essence of OPPO, don't you think?

What a space, right? I wish we have more of this at home.

Now, this is a cafeteria I can definitely stay in all day! It's simple but the light coming in looks so refreshing and revitalizing!

But aside from touring their beautiful offices, we got to see Mr. King Bai, the Hardware Director of Oppo China. He's responsible for seeking technological breakthroughs for OPPO's products. He's 10 years in R&D for mobile technology has made OPPO the brand it is today. The innovations he spoke of really resonates to many of us Filipinos because we take our phone's camera feature seriously. Oppo recognizes this need and is continously working on giving us the best photography experience through their phones. 

OPPO, known for it's Beautification feature in their smartphones have advanced significantly in 6 years since coming out with Beautification 1.0. Today's Beautification 4.0 provides us with a more natural finish, clearer image even in lowlight and groupfie feature that allows us to share selfie experiences with our loved ones.

As simple as it may sound, a lot of thinking and hard work goes into this process and TEAM OPPO do not rest in creating more products that put complete our lifestyle.

ULIKE2, the very first OPPO phone that has beautification feature.

N3 is the very first electric rotating camera phone with 13MP and VOOC Flash Charge. This was also used in America's Next Top Model Cycle 22.

Simple slide the tip of your finger on to the screen and the lens will rotate.

F1 is the first to have the latest Beautifcation 4.0 feature.

From uLike to the coveted R11, OPPO has made a name for themselves as the #SELFIEEXPERT.

I just had to do this shot! All the phones with Beautification through their cameras!

Did I tell you it also has a double exposure feature? It's also very good! I can't wait to play aroud with it more.

Meet my roomie, Jozza from 8List.Ph. My time in China was made more fun coz of her so a selfie with this girl is a must. This is us with only 2 hours of sleep (media peeps know how to fun!) and thank God we have Beautification 4.0 in our Oppo phones coz no eye cream and Korean mask can hide my eyebags and dull skin. 

But look, our skin looks great in the photo!

Here I am doing major #Awra insde The Hunt in Kwun Tong. It's a trendy upscale cafe. They charge 35HK so yes, they're on the sossy side. But I like the ambiance and the people here are so nice. 

The rear camera is also beautiful. 

My experience in this trip is one for the books. There's nothing like seeing your phones put through the tests I've seen in the OPPO Factory. It also humanizes the phones for me and give it a level of respect deserving of the people who work for it. I was always thought to see the value in everything and not just the price and appearance. But to see how my phone is made made it all the more valuable to me. It also made me trust OPPO more and I do hope that they not stop in doing what they do. 

I can assure you now, loves. OPPO phones are made with the highest qualities and their process is exemplary.

Get to know more OPPO smartphones at www.oppo.com/ph. 🙌🙌🙌

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