Philips Sheds Light on #EyeComfort

Lighting was the last thing I thought of when we moved to our new home. Now I'm suffering the consequences. I didn't realize that how important proper placement of lights are in a room. Though it seems complicated, it made more sense to have different lighting options to know which can of light better works for a specific area. Though we know it, we forget that lighting helps in our overall well-being. Find out how you can make simple changes in lighting to make your spaces versatile and even trendy.

I learned a lot tricks from the EyeComfort campaign of Philips. Not only did I learn that not all LED ligjt. are made the same, but Philips has been in the business in providing top-of-line- illumination for years. Did you know that some LED lights flicker? This causes eye strain that may result to headaches. Since we use mostly led lights in our rooms, this made quite an impact to me.

To further this campaign Philips Lighting assembled a trio ambassadors to represent their EyeComfort Campaign. Landscape Artichest, Paulo Alcazaren, Social Media Kelly Misa-Fernandez and Celebrity Makeup Artist Jigs Mayuga. These advocates have diversified the use of proper lighting in their own fields allowing individuals and communities to function and live better.

I loved all the vignettes but the Living Room. The Cavanal LED Ceiling Lamp and Hadron LED down-lights gave the room to transform for any occasion. My posh uncle gave me a fabulous tip that rooms in the house should only gave yellow and dim lights. That's because it allows the eyes to rest from the strong white lights of the offices.

But since most of us don't have the luxury to have that option before, Philips has made it possible because LED lights are cheaper and cost-effective in electricity.

We were all wowed by the lights in the kitchen vignette as it featured these Philips Deco Classic LED  that is so popular now in cafes and restaurants. Hard to imagine that these are LED lights, too! It is also dimmable and ambient-covered versions perfect for any decors.

As a beauty blogger, I naturally gravitated to the big mirrors with LED Bulbs. I spend most of the time in the bedroom and I've learned to give it more lighting options. The mutiples-setting feature of the SceneSwitch LED and Color Change LED gives me the option to convert my room from a work to a resting space.

Jigs Mayuga shared with us that his lights are Philips as it doesn't flicker compared to othe brands. As a makeup artist who spends countless hours in front of the mirror, lighting is important for him and his clients. No compromise to eyes should happen.

Kelly shared with us how her mom time happens in this area where she can enjoy a sip of wine with the husband. Jamie Zaldivar shared also that the dimmable lights give the room a softer, more romantic ambiance for date nights at home.

Paolo Alcazaren and Danz Orobia gave us ideas in giving our living room spaces life. A simple placement of lights can give art pieces the attention it needs. Even giving our room a spa-like feel that induces relaxation. I didn't realize how light

Manila is getting smaller and smaller everyday and I notice that rooms especially in condominiums now are multi-functional. My bedroom for example is works as my work station, vanity area and bedroom. It also became a nursery. Now that I know I don't have to compromise when it comes to lighting, I can definitely start redesigning my rooms and contacting Philips to me a better lighting experience.

Suffice to day this Tita right here enjoyed this event a lot. I love learning things that I can share with you. So next time you think about getting lights, go check out Philips! I can't believe that we have come a long way from bulbs and that now we can control dimness, change colors, etc. 

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