Marian Rivera-Dantes, Face of SNOW CRYSTAL WHITE TOMATO

What makes a Queen nowadays is not because of royal lineage. It's not about knowing the right people. Especially here in the Philippines, a woman needs to work doubly hard and endure rejections and discriminations to even step a foot inside the door.

Marian Rivera-Dantes became a household name not only because of her good looks but because she thrived as an artist. A lot of us know that her road to being hailed as Queen Marian, Telenovela Star was not an easy journey. A journey that she never actually dreamed for herself. She grew up wanting to teach, a far cry to what she does now. This amazing woman though never questioned God who chose to give her a path albeit hard, gave way to a life of blessings. Becoming a star, Marian realized that she was able to touch a lot more people, become involve in charitable causes and even found the love of her life.

Marian may be called Queen, but her most favorite role of all is being a mother to Zia, her first daughter. Becoming a mother made her a better person, she says. That is why it is so important to always be at her best. Partnering with a brand like Vida Nutriscience was a conscious decision as she take utmost care in giving her skin all the love it needs. The demanding life of the roles she plays everyday take a toll on the skin and even before it does, Marian combats in drinking SNOW CRYSTAL WHITE TOMATO that boosts her system.

She shared that the benefits of SNOW WHITE CRYSTAL TOMATO colorless caratenoids, working from within to reveal beautiful younger, looking skin.

The potent PhytoflORAL Carotenoid that is derived from a rare breed of white tomatoes acts as a natural sunscreen, thereby protecting the skin from UVA/UVB rays. It is highly skin lightening and reduces signs of aging. Combined with 500mg of Kohjin L-Gluthathione, an extremely powerful anti-oxidants, this combination provides healthy glowing skin from within. Combined with the SNOW Crystal White Tomato soap, who knows that great skin you'll be amazing in just two weeks. We just got to see Marian to know what the future looks like for us when we drink this!

I always tell people how wonderful Marian is to interview. She is insightful. In this short time as a blogger, I've had a few experiences in chatting with celebrities and always Marian never fails to give beautiful answers. I asked her what is her secret (aside from SNOW Crystal White Tomato) to conquering motherhood and her simple answer is that even if she's working, she finds time to spend with her child. Being a typical regular mom is exactly what she does and she thinks it's not a secret at all. To treasure each moment with her child, spend quality time and to engage always with her child and allow her to enjoy her childhood.

It's really amazing for me to know that Marian is like us. And that her skin routine is achievable for regular folks for the likes of you and me.

Some tips I learned about her skincare routine is amazingly easy to copy! Here are her skincare routine:

  • Steam to help remove toxins 
  • Moisturize the face
  • Sunblock (which she gets from SNOW Crystal Tomato Whitening)
  • Snow Whitening every day!)
  • Remove makeup before going home (a must!)
  • Taking long leisurely bath before bed
  • Body lotion before sleeping

Marian Rivera-Dantes admits that she feels fatigued at times so she took comfort on SNOW because she relies on it to give boost to her body and skin. She shared that with it, she feels more confident because she feels good taking it. "Alam ko pag ininom ko siya magiging okay ako."

It was truly successful launch and Vida Nutriscience truly made a perfect choice in making Marian as the SNOW Crystal White Tomato endorser.

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