J.Co's Affogato Drinks are sooo good!

It was such a fun day that I spent at the newest concept store of J.CO. It was day of getting to know the brand and their recent offerings. Dos stay if you want to know what they have new for you!

The Affogato Series

I know I promised that I will not drink my coffee with dairy but I gotta give this cup an exception. It's really delicious. I always thought that coffee at donut shops are mediocre, I was wrong. J.CO are hella serious when it comes to their coffee. They grow it Indonesia and every batch is freshly packed to give you a delicious steaming cup every single time.
But in this heat, I'm sure that you're craving for a cool beverage that packs a lot of punch. 
J CO reintorduces their Affogato Series as a solution to the scorchig heat this Summer. Improved with added raw ingredients, we got front seats on how these babies are made by their coffee masters. The simple yet precise ways really whetted my appetite for sip or two. It was worth making that moment a cheat day! Especially with beans, we learned, are roasted to perfection, vacuum-sealed and fresh from Indonesia.
I'm normally a blended cold beverage so the Affogato Series was right in my ballpark.

I'm not kidding when I say that J. Co didn't scrimp on the ingredients, the Iced Chocholate Affogato is loaded with all the yummy chocolatey ingredients that you're having chocolate upon layers of chocolate. 

TBH, I'm not a huge fan of the Avocado Affogato but the new version tastes pretty good and you can dfinitely taste thecreaminess of the Avocado flavor.

Here I am tasting it and there's a significant change from the last time I tasted it.

To better share with you how good the Affogatos are, J.CO treated us to a mini master class with their coffee experts and they showed us how they prepare each Affogato beverage. It's pretyt straight to the point and methodical.

They also showed us how they prepared the famous J.Coccino.

Since we paid a lot of attention in preparing these drinks, we kinds aced the game and won ourselves GC's. Yey for #TeamEffort

Martin here showing-off how good are team was. Naks!!

The new concept for J.Co store looks modern. It really looks like a neighborhood cafe with great aesthetics. I specifically like the lamps and the high tables.And I'm so glad this particualr branch is close where we live!

So look out for the new renovation of the J.CO store near you and don't forget to try their Affogato Series along with their artisanal donuts!


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