anello in MNL! Yey!

I'm not the only one in the country who wished that there ill be an Anello in Manila.

Not long after its success in Japan, dubbed at "The Millenial It Bag", you'd see this backpack worn by everyone. And after I saw it in person I wanted one so bad! The toughest thing though was to figure out the authentic from the fakes because during that time Anello was not yet officially distributed in MNL. Also, I don't have the time to figure our if I'm getting ripped off or not. I seriously think that people who sell fake stuff and pass it off as authentic deserves a sit in hell.

I decided to wait, probably have someone buy me in Japan. Butfi my husband gifted me with a mini Anello black leather backpack during Mother's Day so I've had one for months now. It was so adorable, so cute and exactly what I wanted. Everything they say is true and I haven't used much of my other brands since I got my mini Anello leather backpack.

And Anello paid attention because they are now here in MNL!!!

What a thrill! A joy to see all the collection in one space! I don't care if half of Manila has one. Anello backpacks and bags are legit, the best and functional bags there are. It's stylish, it can take a lot of beating, it can house a lot of items and it's affordable with it's no. 1 feature, a wide-mouth opening that is truly a game changer.

There's truly a pride felt carrying an Anello bag.

Anello is gender-fluid that fits any kind of lifestlye. It does not discriminate with its affordable price point and now more accessible than ever. Philippines is the only country that has a stand-alone Anello stores in the popular malls in the country. 

SM Mega Fashion Hall
UP Town Center
Uptown Mall
and more. 

There's something about using backpack again. The lat time I think was when I was in college and I forget how convenient it is. I was exactly the kind of bag I needed

duo-colors are looove!

Boston Caramel, anymore?

Nylon, cotton and leather.. these are just some of the materials used to create the cult-fave Anello bags.

please don't let fakes get you, visit for the list of stores you get Anello from.

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