CK ALL brought me back to CK ONE Days. Wink! Wink!

This year is full nostalgia for me. Even more so when I got whiff of the new CK All which reminded me a of CK ONE. To be honest,  the scent reminded me of momol days with boys, sneaking out of school and spontaneous road trips with the girlfriends. I was quite the rebel/malandi girl in school. It it goes to show that school life is all about testing the authorities waters and see what works for you... as long as you know your limits. I admit that I did so much of my teenage years that you'd be surprised how I ended up the way I am now.

The past though molded me in such a way that it's vital to being the person that I am now. A little bit rough on the edges bit a still diamond in the first water nonetheless. At least that's what my mom said I am. It's also nice to know I did all those wild things and live to tell the tale. I'd consider myself ucky for coming out of it unscathed but I'd like to believe that I always knew my limits.

And boy did seeing CK One and CK All made e relieve those awesome days of being a Rebel without a Cause.

The past can either make you or break you. There was a point last year that the past made me sad and a little hopeless. But what I realize is that the present is what matters and I refused reminiscing to be a bad thing for me. Now with confidence renewed, I look forward to every spritz, to every whiff because I know now that the future holds one thing and that is I can BE ALL. I was able to help myself and move up from the depression and make something of it.

Now I feel like my old self but a little better. 2.0 if you will.

CK ALL is the latest fragrance from CK by Calvin Klein.
It's main cord are of Citrus, Amber and Floral.

There's Mandarin Orange, Jasmine and Amber. 

You'll definitely get a load of the citrusy Mandarin Orange at the first spray which is so refreshing especially in this schizo weather. Jasmine is a light floral scent hat you'll smell at the middle. Not too overwhelming... then mixed with Amber and a little musk at the end, then you'll know what I'm talking about when I tell that it will remind you of CK ONE.

Overall, i'd consider this the perfect scent for the incoming school yea. Allow the kids to make the same memories as I had. LOL! Well, maybe not al. Wink! Wink!

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