Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder Review from #MommyShen and #CamillaClaudette

Sample Room really have the best samples especially for moms like me! They are always front and center to give us mommas a chance to try out things that could and are good for our babies. Like this new Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder. My friends just asked me about them and I was happy to share that they can go ahead try it over at for free!

Anyway, so I got myself a sample of it and it's probably my most favorite out of all the Belo Baby products because I love using baby powder. It's a staple for me. Friends have been bugging me to stop using it but it's sooo hard when it's ingrained in my daily routine.

That's why I was psyched to know that Belo Baby is talc-free! Now I won't feel bad using baby powder on Claud and myself. This new Belo Baby Talc Free Baby Powder only has two ingredients: Certified Natural Rice and Maize Starch. It contains NO Paraben, Phthalates, Gluten, and Talc.

If your child's skin is hihgly sensitive then those I mentioned above are the things you don't want in your baby powder. But we all know how soothing baby powder is especially for diaper rashes, sunburn and bungang-araw. So it's quite great you now have an option for it!

Belo Baby Talc-Free Baby Powder comes in a pretty packaging. Unlike your other baby powder that you have to get a separate container and powder puff, with this one you don't have to. The puff is more cosmetic kind for me that it is a traditional powder puff but that's alright. As you can see, my Claud had no problem using it. The sifter is a smart addition because we all have mishaps of topling our powder puff and making a mess coz of it.

The kiddo rarely uses powder especially now that she's potty trained so I'm using this more now than she does. It's a pretty cool powder and it doesn't really aggravate my asthma. It sure is a nice thing to have at home because now Claud could make use of this instead of my actual makeup!

Just look at her at this video! Such a cutie. All the things I do she picks up on and so I have one of the most kikay toddler in the world. LOL!

We love the new Belo Baby Powder. Surely one of the best they've made from this brand in my opinion. Price isn't that bad either at P219 for a 65 grams of product and a pretty packaging.

If this review does not convince to give this try it, go ahead and take a sample at 

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