Revlon Colorstay Not Just Nudes Palette and Eyebrow Liner Review Photos Swatches and Makeup Look (FOTD)

Wondering which neutral palette to get? As your resident beauty addict, I had to take a closer look at these palettes Revlon just recently launched here in Manila, the ColorStay Not Just Nudes Palettes.

I had to take a closer look because to be honest I'm not to happy with the neutral palettes other brands has been putting out lately (bland pigmentation and coarse shadows) but Revlon had some hits and misses with me when it comes to their shadow formulations so guys, this is the real score. The only reason you are seeing it here on my blog is because I liked both Revlon Not Just Nudes Palettes.

Pigmentation-wise, these cut the cake for me. I'm pretty impressed because it didn't look that way on the pan. I thought it was just like any other regular palette. It's pretty much true to its color and even with primer it was easy enough to swatch these. I wouldn't mind skipping the primer on these one. Pigments are easily picked up by either synthetic or natural hair eyeshadow brushes. Though I would always prefer natural-haired ones.

First with the color selection, the neutral shades are well thought of. There's a good fix of mattes, highlight, darks, shimmery ones that would easily translate to day to night time look.

Second is the sturdiness, having a toddler at home has made my makeup victim to constant snatching from the kiddo that would usually result to her dropping them and yes, even throwing them. πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“These palettes, she grabbed and dropped it a couple of times and survived her terror. This equates to great formulation (compact shadows) and good packaging. Don't try to drop-test these though but at the very least you know that the shadows can pretty much stay intact.

There's also two types of shadows to choose from.

Passionate Nudes - the warm palette with golds, bronze and beige highlight that suits my skintone (My favorite, no surprise there)
Romantic Nudes - the cooler palettes with a pink and purple eyeshadows

The only dud for me I guess were the dual-ended brushes that it came with. Which for me is too thin for my type of eyes. I can use it for precise application, for blending cut crease and even applying on the inner-corner. The brushes are kind of a bonus though if you have been looking for brushes specifically this type because the hair is pretty good.

I had so much fun taking photo of this that I had several shots to choose from. These are flat-lay goals for me!

swatches up ahead!

Ingredient List

Passionate Nudes
I did say they nailed the color selection on this right? Because they really did! Okay, stop me. I'm gushing already! 😍😍😍

Revlon Passionate Nudes Swatches | NO Primer
You see the dark brown middle of the second row? You can use that to color in your brows if you have lighter blonde-ish hair.

The last highlight shadow on the upper row is a really good highlight shade for the brows.

Personally, I loved the last shadow on the palette to use for one-shadow eye makeup look. You can apply the first shadow on the 2nd row for a more saturated effect and top if off with with shimmery dark brown shadow.

Romantic Nudes

I don't know how to feel about this palette. I think though it would fare well for those cool toned skin but then any skin color can rock it depending on the look. I'm not as drawn to it though as Passionate Nudes.

I've used this once though but I didn't particularly like the mix of shades I used so I'm not posting it here. The blending, the pigmentation and texture are all as impressive as Passionate nudes, perhaps a little bit more especially the darker ones.

I'll definitely post an update photo here once I get around to using this again. I guess I have to dip my brushes more on cooler palettes to see what shades work for me.

Romantic Nudes Swatches | No Primer

Impressive pigmention shot in natural sunlight without any primer.

Makeup Look up ahead!

I'm feeling this kind of makeup look lately. A soft smokey that brings out the eyes. A nice contract to the green contact lenses I used.

I used the darkest shades on the Passionate Nudes palette and I barely had to work in the the colors. Blending is pretty much a breeze.

Revlon was on to something when they named these Not Just Nude. I wasn't surprise either how well it held up on a whole day of activites. I wouldn't go to gym or run a marathon with this though many ColorStay products would beg otherwise.

Pigmentation. Check.
Long-Lasting. Check. 
Affordable. Check.
Great color selection. Check
I look pretty hot it in. Check. 😜

Alongside the palettes, Revlon also sent over their NEW Eyebrow Liner which I have to do a special mention because Revlon really knocks it out of the park when it comes to many of their products. This one is no exception. Too bad though that the sahde is too light for my current hair color. But I like working it in to shape my brows. 

Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow liner is like a marriage between precise thin-pointed brow pencils and sword-type ones. You get the best of both worlds because it's precise enough to give control but it covered more area and it has that slanted tip that makes it a lot easier to shape your brows. #KilayGoals

I did my a more natural-looking brows here just shading and shaping what is needed. After all our goals are to have them look like it's still our own.

Let me know if you like Revlon Not Just Nudes Palettes and Eyebrow Liner as much as I did!

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