Dear Universe X Etude House Play 101 Blending Pencil Sweet Box Photos and Swatches

A gift box from ETUDE HOUSE landed on my doorstep to welcome in 2017! It's their new Play 101 Blending Pencil. Well, at least it is new for me. It's been a while since I took a hard look at Etude launches and I'm glad they're back in my line of sight.

2017 is definitely about taking  more time to get to know brands. I switched up my brand personality a bit because I know how tough life can be and we really don't want to spend sooo much money on things that we will just toss in the trash a year or two later. So my mission is to help you out guys meet products that merits your attention and once in awhile show you ones that are truly interesting.


How Tita was I when I didn't know that Dear Universe 💕 is a popular clothing brand in Korea. 😂 Well, my excuse is that they are geared towards the younger market. Sorry naman po. Hehehe! Well, this collab between Etude House and Dear Universe included a LIMITED EDITION denime bag along with specially chosen Play 101 Blending Pencils in No. 05 and No. 20.

Etude House Play 101 Blending Pencils are particularly interesting bunch because they are light, compact and easy-to-use. I say this because I've tried a few pencil for doing my whole makeup and with it you really can create a whole look. Pencil-form cosmetics are not also prone to breaking, cracking even if you keep in it your bags.

This time around Etude created around 30 shades of Play 101 Blending Pencils that ranges in different textures that you can use for all over the face as eye shadow, contour, highlighter, cream blush and of course, lipsticks. Korea's makeup trend is really reaching far beyond what regular makeup can do and it's really nice we get them on our shores now.

Another thing I like which I just found out is that you can easily mix these pencils to create for shades and tone.

What I have here are No. 5 and No. 20. 

No. 5 belongs to the group that you can use for the face and as I look at it, I think it serve me best as a contour albeit a little too red for my taste. It also looks like it could works as nude lip pencil given it's creamy texture.

No. 20 is definitely a reed with hint of warm orange that is best as a matte lipstick. If I'm adventurous enough, I would probably experiment using this as eye shadow to create that trending red eye makeup look.

No. 5 - Creamy texture

No 20 - red velvety texture

I really like the look of these pencils and the swatches. The matte lip pencil doesn't tug on the lips though I recommend a smooth prepped lips before applying this. 

No. 5 feels nice and creamy. Looking forward to use this more in my upcoming makeup looks.

I feel that if I explore more and check out the rest of 23 shades they have in store, I could find myself the perfect eyeshadow primer, a precise concealer pencil shade for my under eyes and blemishes as well as a pretty mauve pencil for my lips.

The only downside I see with these pencils are you'll go through them fast especially if you use them daily. But other than that, it's worth a try or two.

First time makeup user?

Newbies will have a field day with this collection because of how easy it is to apply! No need for brushes, no liquids involved. I think all you need is a blending sponge and a good set of warm fingers to blend the colors well and you're good to go. I know personally from experience how liberating pencils and sticks are. No wonder a lot of brands are coming out with their own versions. I'm glad though that Etude House is thinking outside the box and making it a whole lot easier for us to do our own makeup like the pros does it!

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