#MommyShen | Landers Superstore OTIS Shopping Experience

There is nothing more satisfying than finding a new place to shop and finding what great deals it has to offer.

My shop-a-holic heart beats wildly at the moment for Landers Superstore. Specifically the one at OTIS. It's the biggest and most well-spaced out membership shopping market I've ever seen. It also has the biggest parking lot. 

Landers Superstore, as expected, has similarities to a lot of members exclusive shops out there but I like that it has its own gas station that gives discounts during promotional months. And the fact that it has a sosyal-looking restaurant and a cafe (that serves Double Rainbow ice cream!) sets them fairly apart form others. And did I mention they have free wi-fi?

Currently Landers have two locations, the first one is at Balintawak and then they recently onpened their second one at Otis Manila last November. It's bigger, has more parking space and if you prefer a newer fresh paint, then this is the place to go. We also hit up Balintawak after Christmas and it's designed the same way. Even the merchandize were placed in the exact location so you don't get lost even if you shop at either branches.

First things first, go to the Membership area and sign up. bring a valid ID. If you want to add a supplementary, the person you're assigning it to must be with you and he or she should also bring a valid ID.

I'm not new to the concept of membership shopping and I feel right at home at each and every single one of the, Blame it on my mother who made it her life's mission to go to every store at Clark, Pampanga! 

But boy do I love how posh Landers is! From the chair, the tables and how nicely designed the interiors are. The place is well-lit which I love. None of that utilitarian feel at all. Ang ganda! I can imagine myself eating a pepperoni pizza while people watching. 

Did I mention that there's also a barbershop? It surely is a man-friendly store. If the hubby refuses to go in and allow us more time to spend checking every merchandise, we can leave them at the food section, cafe or treat them at the barbershop. Cut starts 350!

Who wouldn't want to lounge here after shopping? 

Well, hello there. I'm Shen, the latest member of Landers. Hihi!

The SALE last Christmas was CRAZY! I hope you were following me on Instragam because I gave you dibs on these sale! But just in case you missed it, there are more promos coming. Just make sure to follow Landers on Facebook or Instagram for their frequent updates.

Buy 1 Take 1 on some really nice Windmere Towels.

I spent a lot of time checking out the cold cuts for house parties.

And the wine... I spent a lot of time here too. Glad to see that they store a lot of Gossips because it's my fave!

I was able to score on how really good bottles of reds and whites as Christmas gifts this year.

Beauty addicts unite because there are more deals on beauty produts. Landers has nice brands. They have the rexona deo I've been looking for, they also have Biore products that quite easy on the pocket.

Who hoarded the Starbucks bottles? :)

I wanted to take these teddy bears home with me if we only have the extra space! They are so cute!

Sent this photo to hubby the moment I took a photo of it. The pressure for the house hunting is on.

They even have great deals on some great baby brands.

Kids are not left behind at Landers. Though I think they could add a bit more toys in the future.

Membership shopping really has its advantages because many of the items we see in it are not readily available in a regular grocery. Though I avoid bulk buying because of the limited space at home, I appreciate many of Landers' deals becuase it allows me to save more money!

Hope you didn't pass up the chance to get these wine glasses at great discounted price and even BOGO promos!

Got myself this big container of Parsley herbs for cooking at less 200!

I resisted the urge getting these Wine Ice Cream. I'm sure you won't be able to help yourself when you see these, too. Last time I was at Landers, these were almost out of stock.

If I were the decorating kind of mom, I'll go gaga over these Christmas decors. Oh, wait. I bought some white lights for our bed. Only P500 for amout 3-4 meters of light.

And just look at this sosyal-looking cashier. Whoever designed and approved the design for Landers should be given a big round of applause. It's sooo beautiful. Even during busy days that the place is packed, the design still stands out!

Will show you a video of Landers OTIS soon. The one I filmed was soo blurry so I hope you will look pass beyond that and see what a beautiful store Landers is.

Here are just some of my haul from Landers.

Warm Christmas Lights - P500, PinyPon Doll House - around P1800

Got this stemless wine glass in a set of 4 for 380, BUY 1 TAKE 1. That's 8 pcs of stemless wineglass for only P380!
Gibson 16 pc dinner ware for only P999!
I also bought a set of 2 organic bamboo pillows for only P999, really awesome set of knives for P999, charcoal-infused Oral B toothbrushes for P275, a 96 pcs Tampax for P999 and sooo much more!

To be perfectly honest, there is room to grow for Landers in terms of merchandise. It's expected since they are pretty new in the Metro. They have to fill have the shelves more with unique finds and continue to stay ahead. And I think they are going to be great at it by the looks of things. So far though, I have virtually no complaints considering I pretty much got awesome deals during their Christmas Crazy Sale.

Current fee for Landers Membership is 1000. I'm sure there are more promotional discounts coming soon so watch out for that.

Happy SHopping to y'all! Hope to see you at either Landers Superstore soon!

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