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All moms know Baby Company. Somehow when I acquired the title of a mother, I noticed myself gravitating to the Baby Company section of the department stores with every mall visit. When you learn that you're pregnant and venture into the world of baby goodies, you'll learn that you don't know anything at all. It's a whole new world and it's wonderful! The many things that you can get your newborn and the many things that can make your life easier as a mom! I've visited and bought from Baby Company frequently that I could purchase big items using my MomCard!

And yes, that's the first thing you need to get (if you don't have one yet) when you visit the newly opened and the biggest Baby Company I've ever been in at SM Megamall!

The store looked familiar and new at the same time. I've been to the stand-alone Baby Company stores at SM Aura and Power Plant Mall and it looks the same only bigger and it had more selections. The event they held were attended by celebrity moms like Miss Philippines-Universe 2012 Shamcey Supsup, Model and Host Kelly Missa and Isabel Oli. Suffice to say that well-known moms trust the brands that Baby Company caters.

To regular people like us, we rely a lot on the quality of the brands that we see inside the malls. Our hard-eared money should go to well-made goods. What more for the things we get for our babies. From the cribs, to the stroller to their diapers. Baby Company has curated these things for us so we don't have to. They continuously bring in brands from all over the world. Amidst our crazy mommy life, Baby Company wants to assure us that their selection of baby brands are that of the best calibers and that of the best qualities that we can rely on. That's their

I certainly noticed that it's a lot easier for me to buy anything for my baby lately. I bare have to resort ordering online. Though some of the items are priced higher, the accessibility of Baby Company is undeniably easier even for the dads! I remember telling Ron to memorize where my preferred  brands are located in Baby Company so even if I can't go out, he can go by himself and get the stuff we need for the baby. This happened a lot of times and I'm proud to say, Ron always came home with the right products from Baby Company.

Baby Company offers a lot of fabulous find this year! Improved and latest baby gadgets such as the latest Motorolla Baby Monitor, fancy nebulizers, awesome Leap Frog play and Learn toys and even the covetable and oh-so high end 4MOMS Origami stroller and Mamaroo and Rockaroo baby rockers.

I'm so happy they are here. Well, half of the things I mentioned  I could barely afford but who knows in the future I might be able to, right? What's important is that they are here and we have the option to get it or not. We don't have to bug our relatives in the States to get it for us or we don't have to pay exuberant pre-order, shipping and handling fee to order them online.

I couldn't resist, I had to get the LeapFrog's Number Lovin' Oven for Claud. So happy she loved it! Now she can count from 2-4! Yes, we are still struggling with her starting at number one. LOL!

One of the next struggles I encountered during pregnancy was looking fo comfortable and affordable maternity wear. Thank God I was petite and that I could fit in most of my stretchable clothes. But when I gave birth, I had a trouble with nursing tops. For one, I didn't one to buy anything too expensive and too dowdy. Also I wanted to be able to fit them. I love the choices available in other brands but they are either too expensive or needed to be purchased online. I remember wishing that the malls would have them.

Lo and behold, I saw a rack exclusively for this concern on the newest Baby Company store in Megamall A. Comfortable nursing wear in less in between 1,200 to 600. I asked them to lower the price more or provide promos for it. I hope they listen to me. LOL!

And the next is one of the most important things to a breastfeeding mom, pumping bras! Now they have them in Baby Company at around P900!

Naturally, you have to be discerning and wise in buying things for the needs of your babies. I realized that half of the things we got Claud, we barely used! 

Here are some of things I can recommend that you would surely throughout your mommyhood.


Ecomom sterilizer is a top-of the-line sterilizer that kills 99.99% of bacteria. This is ideal for moms who formula-feed their babies and for those with babies who have ultra-sensitive tummy and skin. I realized how important sterilization are with the number of process one has to do to prepare a bottle of milk. The process is prone to germs, airborne bacteria and contamination. It's a grueling process for me. I would have gotten this, too, if it were available then for my breast pumps paraphernalia. 


You need a good car seat. If you want sanity in your life inside the car, you need a car seat, If you didn't car seat, don't tell you I didn't warn you. It may be a struggle at first but they'll love it and it's the safest thing you can do for your babies. If money is not an option, Aprica is the way to go. 


Get the lightest and easiest stroller to assemble and disassemble. I got this advise from a mommy blogger and it's one of the best advise I received especially when Claud started to get heavier. I love my baby carriers but having a stroller is a blessingfor me. I bought mine secondhand but naturally, we prefer a new one. Baby Company has a lot of selections for sure and this one right here by Aprica is exactly like the one I have and I love it. It assembles with one hand and it's too light that I can pick it up with one hand and place it on the trunk of the car. 

CRIB or Playpen

Naturally you need a crib for the baby. We chose to get a playpen instead because it is most versatile and more afforadable for us. I remember getting ours for only P5,000 only and at that time we got a 500 discount from the brand and we had 500 points in our MomCard! So basically we got the playpen for P4000! How awesome is that?

Playpen is better because I didn't have to worry about the hard wood of crib especially when Claud was learning to walk and was still stumbling. It was easy to store away and be forgotten until the next baby comes. Which is matagal pa ha? Ayoko magka-baby this year. LOL!

When I say Baby Company has everything, I mean everything. From clothes to really nice shoes. They even carry my favorite shoes, Melissa for kids. They are fabulous and they are as comfortable as they look. Your babies deserve to wear them. And they are easist to clean. They look brandnew after you've cleaned them. Promise!

It can definitely get overwhelming and I don't blame you leaving with several bags with you. Just in case, you can't wrap around your head around the many things you see you can always take a step back and ask for help. Their people are trained to answer virtually all questions. They are really good at recommending items and aren't too pushy.

Siyempre feeling sosyal ako seeing the Social Media moms Kelly Missa, Patty Filart and Nicole Hernandez. 

Visit the newly opened Baby Company at the second floor of SM Megamall Building A. They certainly have it all for you. Just in case they don't, hit me up with an e-mail. I'll help you look for the things you need for your cute bundle of joy.

I know some of you may feel bad seeing all of these expensive things and feel like a failure if you can't provide these wonderful things for your child. Remember that above anything else, your child needs you! Material things can help but a well-functional mother who is happy and content is what your baby needs the most. Don't ever feel that material things can make you a better mother.

You are already a great one!

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BABY COMPANY is located at the second floor  SM Megamall Buliding A.

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