Are You OA Like Me?

Are you OA like me? 

Do you cry at the sappiest commercials? Do you laugh outrageously at simple jokes? Feeling ko minsan people think I'm weird. I'm boisterous daw kasi. Well, alam ko na yun noon pa. People think of me as loud, "too much" and all over the place.

I really don't know why I'm like this. I probably have an undiagnoised psychological illness that worsened over the years. But inspite all of these things that people cruelly think of me, I am geniunely happy.

Laughing with all my heart out gives me peace, it gives me a sense of calm and excitement altogether. And when you do, you really can't take those feelings away. A good laugh is often what we need when we like the world is caving in on us. So laugh, laugh with open mouth and gusto and feel the rush of relief, the weight lifting off of your shoulder when you do. Oh the heady feel after laughing.. Well, you can almost equate it to orgasmic!

Scared to be called a crybaby? Don't be. A good crying is good for the soul. The frustrations we build up inside hinders rational thinking and often it translates to anger. The unnecessary kind. A good hearty cry in this instance helps you take out the pent up emotions especially when words are not enough. Crying means you feel something! Yes, it could be pain at the moment but that just means that if you can feel pain then you can eventually feel joy. Crying helps me transcends from being hurt to finding ways to be joyous again. 

It's what I call the step next to the silver lining or finding a rainbow after the rain. Sometimes talagang mas okay kung sabayan mo ng luha ang unos. At that point, who can tell the difference from your tears and the pouring rain? Then when the rain stops, the pain may still be there but faintly, you feel some of it leaving your body.

OA ako kung tawagin. But most successful, driven women are OA in their own ways. Take Oprah for example. There's Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Eugene Domingo, Marian Rivera-Dantes and Anne Curtis. Women who weren't scared to put their hearts on their sleeves, to bare their emotions to everyone and make their feelings known when the feelings needed to be let out. This in my opinion, shows a true strength and potential. To make something out of what people think is disgusting or nothing.

OO, OA ako and people think that when they judge me, okay lang kasi makapal naman mukha ko... But this right here, the pain I feel? This is how I translate it to. I saw my silver lining in writing this post and hopefull when people like me see this, they'll feel good about being OA, too.

Okay na okay na OA ako. 😌

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