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I consider beauty very personal but I do love sharing what works for me just like the next girl. Learning from other people and their experiences allows me to customize my own regimen that fits my skin type and lifestyle. Probably why beauty blogs are such a hit because a lot of women are discerning and critical of what to use on their skin. And if you're not doing that for yourself, I hope this posts allows to find a skin caring goal!

My decision to keep using KojieSan was definitely affirmed when I went to the launch of their new TVC. A dermatologist and a beauty expert were invited to share their wisdom with us and I learned and re-learned what's best for my skin. And yey! Kojic Acid is a dermatologist-approved ingredient! As always, do not overdo using any skincare!

What do we really prefer? Whiter or lighter skin and what's the difference between two? Dra. Torralba said that what we do by using bar soaps, lotion are called lightening process. This is the term used in their profession when a patient wants to correct or even out their skin. To turn a shade lighter needs a more drastic intervention. This is called skin whitening.

The goal in using any products should be clear. Do you want to completely change your skin color? Then you need a more invasive approach. But if you are just trying to get to your original skin tone or correct a hyper-pigmentation brought on by scars, dark spots, tan lines or sunburn then a simple lightening procedure is all you need to do and this can be easily achieve by using what you can easily spot at the beauty aisle.

Since my goal was clear from the beginning - which was to even out my skin tone, lighten my insect bite marks, acne scars, wounds and knicks and to lighten trauma areas like underarm, elbow, knees and grown area-, using a lightening soap was cheapest and most effective way to do this.

RB Chanco, makeup artist to some of Philippine's celebrated actresses, busted a few beauty myths. Not all of them I agree with but I like that she and I think that skin care should be personalised and cater to what your skin currently needs. And the fact that, Hindi porket ginagamit ng favorite model or actress mo eh pwede na siya para sayo. I've been there though. I bought and used products mainly because it's endorsed by my favorite celebrity and more often than not, it didn't work my skin. 

And Kojie San acknowledges the need for a full range to make our skin lightening journey easier. There's the Body Lightening Lotion and Face Lightening Cream that smell floral and fresh; and the toner that effectively removes excess dirt. All of which contains natural ingredients (Rosehip oil, collagen, Vitamin E to name a few) that are known effective skin lighteners along side their signature blend of kojic acid. Rosehip oil, collagen, Vitamin E to name a few.

Here is the new Kojie San TV commercial.

The Kojie San TVC Launch proved to be a exciting one. I felt like a proud momma being there since Kojie San was the newest item on top of the shelf.. To learn that they are only making it better by using the best Kojic Acid and Virgin Coconut Oil assures me that I can recommend this wonder soap to anyone.  

Congratulations to the whole team of Kojie San, First Tier, host Janeena Chan, guest speaksers Dra. Torralba and RB Chanco! Here's to more years of bringing Filipina skin to light!

Of course, a beauty event is not complete without bonding sesh with fellow beauty bloggers. Got to chicka with Valerie of ValeriChua.com (we Uberpooled together) and Shari of TheMisty.com. If you are wondering, no we do not just talk about makeup and skincare when we are together! We also chat about our lives outside beauty blogging. 

Consider us enLightened, Kojie San! 

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